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'Basketball Wives' Star

My (Not) Fat Ass

Got Me a Fat Bank Account

10/28/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Tami Roman traded in her large behind for some large bills -- because a diet company offered her a SIX FIGURE endorsement deal after she shed 25 pounds using their product!!!

Sources close to Tami tell TMZ she got all the way up to 185 lbs recently and was determined to lose the weight. She started exercising her booty off, ate healthy food ... and began using a product called NV Sprinkles -- where you sprinkle powder on your food to make you eat less.

We're told Tami dropped the weight in about two months and was so vocal in the press about the NV's help in her speedy weight loss, the company actually approached her to be the face of the product.

Our sources say Tami signed on for a mid-six-figure endorsement deal and all she has to do is keep the weight off.

So ... donuts anyone?


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good for you Tami!

536 days ago


Well...Of course he MARRIED her! You can't get alimony and child support if you don't marry can you?

536 days ago

susan may    

The product sounds a lot like Sensa

536 days ago


she probably will f--k this up and be sued in a year like everyone else she tried to get there money. she is a bully and shame on them for making her the face. she finally got her hair done. but she is getting paid, let's take this bitch off television period. she's a drunk who can't hold her tongue, she' a bitch who try to trap men, and she's a poor ass actress(oh did i say actress because reality shows don't have actress they have ass hole who want to be famous) she did have a career before she became a selfish bitch hat her

536 days ago


Now that, folks, is one talented woman! Other than being a professional bum, what else is a difficult as being a realty "star"?

536 days ago


I am so sick of these loud mouthed,trashy,bullies being rewarded for bad behavior. If at first you don't succeed hoe,hoe again!

536 days ago


Bottam feeding gold digging spam face. I'm sooo glad I have a small tight button! Lol

536 days ago


I love Tammi, she's wonderful. Congrats you desire it.! Shake the haters off

536 days ago


So many haters out there. Jealous? If you don't have nothing nice to say DON'T say anything. Tammi is not a bully. She is misunderstood. She very pretty and she didn't leave with anything from her divorce. Stop judging people and congrats that someone other than the Kardashians are making money. Speaking hatred things is being a hater. Live and let live!

536 days ago

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536 days ago

Weight Loss Enigma    

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536 days ago


When she was on The Real World she had her mouth wired shut to lose weight. She doesn't exactly give me confidence that this new weight loss method is healthy.

536 days ago


I really did not like the way this woman was so player hating on television just to get viewers and some money. She was horrible, but she picked a innocent type woman that would not stomp her big ass. But ya know there are some North Carolina women that would really have stomped her behind. She was such a sick bully. I mean this woman was gross. I have no respect for her. I heard she suffered a mild heart ache. Oh well. Did any one check her for Bi polar. I mean she was a friggin fighting pitbull. I can not believe that she took that womans purse and went through it. Those women on the show were such sick nasty women. I would have called the police on her no problem. It would have been nice to not hear another word from her. I wished so bad that some one would stomped her on the show. Then it would have been all good. I could see that people feared her nasty self. She was running the "BLOCK". She was so jealous . I have no respect for Shaunie O' Neal. that crap ass should have done time on how she was bullying her. And who ever dimed the girl Kesha out to that fool was a problem amd she should have been stomped just for a lesson. They needed a real cool type that just would not even wait on her next word before the next that nut out, tore that weave out. Check her out, bullying and trying to dominate another woman. What??? what she wanted Kesha to hold her pant loop or what. Oh Evelyn and Tami are Papi and Daddy!!! you got it. Daddy Tami. Prison babes! okay. They wanted Kesha in a differnet way than every one thought to me. There was un addressed sexual tension. I would have stomped the crap out that hooka!!

535 days ago

Gregory Davis    

Thumbs Up for Tami Roman. You go Girl.

534 days ago

Gregory Davis    

Thumbs up for Tami Roman. You go Girl.

534 days ago
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