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Britney Spears' Ex-BF

Brit's Mom Told Me to

LIE About Lutfi to Media

10/30/2012 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Britney Spears
' ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib swears ... Brit's mom directed him to LIE to the media in 2008 in order to make Sam Lutfi seem like an evil man who caused Britney's mental breakdown.

Ghalib -- a paparazzo who briefly dated Britney during her meltdown -- just took the stand in Lutfi's defamation trial, claiming Lynne Spears personally ordered him to trash Lutfi all over town in order to turn the public against Sam.

Adnan didn't state whether he ever actually followed Lynne's alleged instructions.

Jamie Spears took the stand moments later, admitting he once "touched" Lutfi during a physical altercation ... but denied violently attacking him. Lutfi had previously testified that Jamie beat the crap out of him and punched him in the solar plexus. 

The next witness is yet another paparazzo, Filipe Teixeira ... Adnan's close buddy.


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Fallopia Lopez    

OK, maybe it is Lutfi. The internet can't give me a straight answer. I apologize if you're right.

726 days ago


yeah ill trust her ex who is a pap

726 days ago


I can't understand how one could become a paparazzi (almost stalking celebrities...) but I think Adnan is one of the few GOOD guys. He never talked to the media about Britney... and I think she really liked him. I believe his testimony.

Lufti's maybe wasn't the best companion for Britney... but some claims about him of the Spears' parents might be untrue. Who has more money and power?

I.m.o. Britney should be freed from the conservatorship. I.m.o. she has become a puppet..., a slave.

726 days ago


Fact of the matter is...Britney was on drugs. I'm not even in the industry and everyone knows that. I know someone who worked with Britney during that time and told me months ago when we were sharing crazy celeb stories that the real reason Britney cut her hair was because Kevin Federline was threatening to expose her drug use and get full custody of the kids. At the time I just thought it was funny and didn't think much of it. Now that this story is out and getting all the news...I completely believe Lutfi!

726 days ago


Lutfi and Ghalib were in this together from the very beginning. Lutfi would purposely make Britney available to the paparazzi(Ghalib). AG was Lutfi's main contact person to get all the picture/ money shots then they would sell them to to the media and split the $$.

726 days ago


What's with the runway thing on his chin?

Guys who have such facial hair always tend to be players and nothing more.

726 days ago


Dirty Persian S***bags.. Both of them. Typical Middle Eastern L.A. Greaesballs... I bet they're in Kahoots. Nothing those people won't do for a buck. Get a real job you leaches...

726 days ago


Where's the rest of the story? Including the part where Ghalib admits to having bought a pay as you go phone as per Lufti's request in order to contact Britney (after her father had the conservatorship and a restraining order againt both men)? Anyone who thinks these two men are being 100% in this trail- I feel sorry for your poor judgement of character as I do for Britney's and what she put up with while these men were in her life. Does that mean I think Britney was an angel thorughout her breakdown period? Absolutely not. I do believe that she was/is facing mental illness, and needed the support from her family during the darkest moments of her life.

726 days ago


Why do they keep saying the dad punched him in the "solar plexus"? They should just say the dad punched him in the gut.

726 days ago


eeeww wtf did she see in this Adnan Ghalib dude back then. Never mind it was during a time when her judgement was clearly off ! He looks sleezy and greasy, and that awful facial hair

726 days ago


Here is another man with absolutely NO CREDIBILITY. Go back to the rock you crawled out from, Adnan.

726 days ago


These two need to **** off and leave this woman alone. They are nothing but parasites who saw there chance to take advantage of a person who was weak and needed help whether she was on drugs or not is not the point to the people who keep mentioning it. I dont believe a word any of them are saying their both after making money and are working together. I hope they lose in court and crowl under the rocks they came from. Nasty, pieces of ****.

726 days ago


Because Britney is a female, you all will trash those men against her, no matter the truth or validity of their points. You obsessed fans need to deal with the fact that Britney was a drug addict and despite having kids, couldn't even get herself together for either of them. That is not the fault of Lutfi or Adnan, but Britney, herself. It's sickening due to the fact that if these were women coming out of the woodwork bashing a man, no one would have a problem with it, but because its cute southern little blonde Britney, these men are the devils. The fact remains that Britney took those drugs. She was an unfit mother. Period. Britney, like many other celebrities, had people lie for her. This man is not lying. Some of you guys put celebrities so high up on a pedestal that you cannot even accept the fact that they are just like the rest of us, sometimes even worse. Britney falls into that category, whether you wish to accept it or not.

726 days ago


i think she stopped going into dirty gas station washrooms barefoot when she met adnan and starting speaking with a british accent like him.

726 days ago


Brittney was most entertaining when she was with adnan as the hair shaving was over , the wigs were a thing of the past and now she started speaking with a british accent becuase her paparazi boyfriend was from england.. britney did so many out there things after head shave.

726 days ago
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