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10/30/2012 6:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Jenner is on the hunt to find the lying scumbag who called in a FALSE report to authorities that her kids, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, are living in danger ... TMZ has learned. 

As we previously reported, the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services launched an investigation into the K-family last week after receiving a tip from an anonymous caller.

The tip was determined to be bogus ... and we're told Kris believes the culprit is a tabloid reporter who was trying to make up a story.

Now, a rep for the Kardashian family tells TMZ the accusations are nothing short of "ridiculous" ... adding, "It's such a shame that anyone can make up such hurtful and hideous untruths especially when children are involved."

The rep continues, "We are taking this matter very seriously and investigating to find out who is responsible for fabricating such a terrible story and will take the necessary legal action so that this does not happen again."


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Celeb Gossip Maven    

Since her daughters are underage, it makes it harder for Kris Jenner to publicly exploit them. So she sunk to a new low and used Child Protective Services (an organization meant to help children in actual danger and need) to get publicity. It's appalling; all of that time and effort wasted on the Kardashians, CPS could have been used for kids who actually NEED it.
It began with a sex tape and now she involves CPS, I shudder to think of what her next publicity move will be.....

732 days ago

Loretta Love    

can you actually call the authorities on yourself...?

732 days ago

Loretta Love    

money whore

732 days ago


Just saw Scott and Kourtney's porn photo on here. This will do untold damage to their "brand". Maybe this will wipe that "perpetual grin" off of Jenners face.
Who would hire them now? Likely Khloe will be "let go"

732 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Yeah Chris, You don't abuse your kids as that would mean you cannot pimp them out when they get old enough and then turn the youngins into whos Ho's, tramps and troglodytes like the rest of their siblings. You and your entire family are disgusting, ugly talentless tramps who will pander and do anything for a buck and have a constant narcissitic need to have publicty. In reality all of you are a joke and are just to stupid to realize it. You are pathetic and pitiful

732 days ago


I swear if these s*** bag Kardashians continue to be in the news, eventually someone will hurt the whole family. I feel it, because truly ENOUGH IS ENOUGH w/these idiots. Everywhere we turn, we are subject to these NO-TALENT useless money making whores. ENOUGH>>>>>>>

732 days ago


If the judge wants to see the child abuse for his/herself, all he/she has to do is watch their show. That pimp shouldn't have been allowed to raise 1 girl, let alone 5!

732 days ago

ed baggett    

SHE made the whole thing up...yet again !

732 days ago


Who wants the Kardashians? NOBODY!

732 days ago


HAD 7 years too much of these idiots, why are they even on T.V the show suck and so do all there products! The whole fake ass family sucks! Jungle Fever Incest and Porn is that all they got!

732 days ago


I can't stand how transparent this entire family is. The queen pimp is the worst of them all.

732 days ago


Kendall and Kylie are smart enough to leave a bad situation. The only people being abused by the Kardashians are we, the public, watching them make megamillions for no talent.

732 days ago

Mel B    

Goes to show celebrities get priority. I called Fam Services to report a similar situation about my neighbors and was told unless I had seen the child being beaten with my own eyes they'd do nothing. It wasn't enough I could hear a very loud verbal confrontations. A bogus report comes in without proof concerning a celeb and they're aaaaaall over it. Stay classy, LA County.

732 days ago

Loving Latina    

This is just TMZ's way protecting this repulsive family! They can't investigate crap! Calling into a hot line with family and protective services is super confidential and there is nothing that the stupid Kardashian Matriarch can do about it! In fact, the girls should be investigated on for underage drinking, the girls being exposed to nudity and sex, no parent involvement due to neglect! Hired help doesn't count. kris Jenner is the mother and she is never around her girls when they travel around the world, she lets them travel alone! Celebrities should have more stringent guidelines to travel with their underaged children! I clearly believe that these girls have been exposed to alcohol, alcoholics, drugs, drug attics, sex, nudity, and so on!! The department of family and protective service should do a thorough job investigating this family!

732 days ago


So....the story is fake, huhb? Kinda like your daughter, Kim, who has done NOTHING, worked at NOTHING, to become a celebrity, except by inheriting and spending all of daddy's money.

732 days ago
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