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Michael Lohan

I Helped Octomom

Get Into Treatment

11/1/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He failed miserably at getting Lindsay Lohan to enter rehab -- but Michael Lohan was one of the main reasons Octomom is now getting help for drug abuse ... because he helped arrange her treatment program ... TMZ has learned.
Michael tells us, he's been running a nonprofit organization based in Florida for the last nine months that stages interventions for people in need of substance abuse treatment ... and so far, he's already performed over 25.

Sources close to Michael tell us, Octomom's manager, Gina Rodriguez recently voiced her concerns to him about the mother of 14 issues with dependency -- so Michael and Gina decided to take action last week, making arrangements for Octomom's treatment program.

Michael tells us, "The most important thing is the willingness to realize and surrender to the issue and commit to getting help, which Nadya did!"

He adds, "If it wasn’t for her manager Gina, my good friend, Tim Chapman at the Chapman house/Teen savers and Gina's daughter, this would not have been possible. They deserve a lot of credit!"

Octo's currently in a 30-day in-patient program for Xanax abuse, but she still gets to call her kids twice a day.


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Diamond Goddess!    

See, TOLDJA MiLo was gunnin' for his own "Interventionist" reality show!!!
Some people are just trashbag-money-scramblers their whole lives. The Blohans are of that ilk. They breed and NEVER get financially on top of anything, EVAH!
(BTW--MiLo is on "Judge Alex" Friday with the pregnant Kate Major! LOLs! Anything for the few hundred $$$ they pay to be on those shows. Ghetto!!! But I'm watchin'. :))

728 days ago


He breaks every AA principle there is. People in recovery do things based on attraction, not promotion.
Please stop covering all of these Lohan nutjobs.

728 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

rehab is not for everyone- but I understand.

I don't Lindsay needs rehab yet. I think she needs some space to breath without everyone smothering her trying to control and run her life. That's what's creating the stress. Just a young female trying to maintain her independence in a ferocious and predatory world. She might party a little too often and a little too hard, but all young people that live that life often do that stuff.

Ask her how she feels about it all. It's her life. Michael, no disrespect but it would be better to just be dad to your kid than trying to be an addiction counselor to her.

She's pissed off at you.

Now Nadya on the other hand is quite overwhelmed. She's got and odd life but to have had that many kids, she looks pretty good, but its a little weird and crazy.

728 days ago


Octomom is so freakin ugly, why do we keep putting this biyatch in the news, her 15 minutes of shame was up long ago

728 days ago


The ick factor with this guy is like 1000%. He is a real creeper. No wonder Lindsay is out of her mind and unable to function just look at her mentally unstable "parents". Imagine being raised with those two losers as your "parents"They are like starving vultures who have their talons so deep into that girl that she will never be able to just break away and run from BOTH of them as far and as fast as possible. Lindsay is 26 years old and that nasty old fool continues to intrude on her. As far as him and Octomom....match made in Heaven because there is so MUCH crazy in her life that he can exploit sell and market for a profit!

728 days ago


omg shes so ugly i cant even look at her ewwww

728 days ago


Ugh this idiot will do anything to be in the spotlight....he has been & will always be a sociopath & abuser. Typical personality of one!

727 days ago


Michael's nothing but a media whore hound, determined to keep his ugly mug in his own spot light. He can't even help himself, let alone anyone else. I can't stomach the low-life, pizz-poor excuse for a human being who thinks he has the right to call himself a father. All I've ever seen in him is a selfish glutton for fame, (and a free ride on Lindsey's money) who's (in my opinion) the biggest reason for all her problems. When did he decide that he could be God? God doesn't lie and/or lead His children to destruction.

724 days ago
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