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Khloe Kardashian

Simon's Right ... My Nipples WERE Distracting

11/2/2012 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Khloe Kardashian says she can't really blame Simon Cowell for pointing out her nipple situation during a live taping of "X Factor" ... 'cause things would've been even more awkward if he ignored 'em.

As we previously reported, Simon made a couple comments about Khloe's enthusiastic areolas during Wednesday's show ... suggesting the air conditioner was on a little too high.

But on her way out of Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood last night, Khloe told us, "I think if he didn't say it, it probably would have been awkward ... because that was pretty noticeable ... that's live TV."

We also asked Khloe how she felt about working with record producer Damon Thomas -- who happens to be Kim's ex-husband. Awkward, right?



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Always fun to see how a sexually repressed society reacts to seeing something as natural as a body part :D
Nude is natural, clothes aren't.
Men and women aren't sluts or whores if they wear revealing clothing, they're just human, deep down most people want to be naked or semi-clothed rather than confined in stuffy, chafing clothing....most just don't realize it, they're too busy trying to comply with puritan societal ideas so that they won't be judged themselves.
Pretty lame that we have become such a sexually repressed country that we have over-the-top extreme reactions to seeing...a body part.
Cultures all over the world accept nudity as natural, and common for those cultures to have nude, woman and child....all over the public parks, beaches and elsewhere.
Those cultures are laughing at us as they watch us bust a blood vessel in anger every time a woman's breast shows or a man's package bulges out.
....meanwhile pornography is looked up and viewed by millions of people on the internet every second of every minute of every hour of every day.....often the very same people who are sexually repressed and otherwise go off on huge rants calling people names if they dare be open about their sexuality.
Backwards and unhealthy.

630 days ago


People are making a big deal out of nothing. It's not like she had a nip slip and exposed her breast. You saw her nipples through her clothing. Happens all the time. If it were a guy, this wouldn't even be on TMZ. Stop creating controversy just because she's a Kardashian. She's the level headed one.

630 days ago


TRASH!! TRASH!! TRASH!! The whole family, even the youngest. They are all trash and take after their mother! She is the true meaning of "pimp".

630 days ago

For Sooth?    

A true Whore Kardashian. I think the only one that hasn't whored out their nips is Bruce. Maybe the yougest young isn't on point with the program yet, give her about five media minutes and Mama Kris staging and she'll be up to speed with the rest of the tramp family.

629 days ago


And here I thought this was the one and only Kardashian with a little bit of class. Obviously, I was wrong ... she's just boobs with ears and this display proves she know it. She can't use her head for anything other than a hat rack ... Get her off the show ... they don't need another huge ego!

629 days ago


Inappropriate. It's a show that kids watch too. Doesn't her stylist say something to her? Obviously Khloe doesn't care and she should be ashamed of herself. X Factor should of cut taping or blurred it out.

629 days ago


you do realize alot of folks won't watch this cuz of PIGS

629 days ago


must be REAL proud of your girls, don't you s%^ts know your dad would gag, kim in a see through skirt that looks DISGUSTING, hoie with her tits showing, and ****ney with a finger up her ass , probably in front of the kids.... PIGS all of them !!

629 days ago


didn't distract too much people, since no one was watching this show. look at the ratings. Even a robot could be a better host than her. She was like a joke. Even worse than Steve Jones

629 days ago


odumbass should dump the trash, he will be dumped soon, the teams get sick of sh%t like this family, right reggie and hump??

629 days ago

Kardashian Ass    

Just a slut like her mother and sisters. Why the surprise?

629 days ago


That's why she wore that blouse without a bra so she could let everyone see her nipples. Guess she doesn't know or doesn't care that thos is suppose to be a family show.

629 days ago


I like Khloe'....however, she needs a lot of practicing at hosting a show though!

629 days ago


i want to see their child....

629 days ago


We've all seen your wall-eyed going in different directions standing up breast implants that you have to replace any talent.

629 days ago
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