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Khloe Kardashian

Set Her FREE!! (from teleprompter)

11/2/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Khloe Kardashian's getting the shaft at 'X Factor' -- and if producers don't put our plan into place ... KK could go the way of Dunkelman, instead of Seacrest! That's what we think ... and you might agree after seeing our (over)dramatic re-creation.

Plus, Jon Stewart ripped NJ Gov. Chris Christie for flip-flopping on President Obama -- but turns out someone in our newsroom (hint: it's Slade) is even more pissed at the guv. Trust us ... it's a hell of fame rant.

Also, awesome radio host Bean, from "Kevin & Bean," is handing over one of his kidneys -- but not to a relative or his BFF ... and NOT for the reason you'd expect. He joined us to explain.

(0:00) Strange details emerge about what allegedly happened the night Cee Lo was accused of sexual battery. He allegedly admitted to slipping something in her drink ... but something doesn't make sense.
(7:30) Sam Lutfi's case against Britney Spears family was tossed out by the judge -- and we talked to Britney's dad Jamie Spears about decision.
(11:10) "X Factor" judges are screwing up Khloe Kardashian's chance at being a great host -- by forcing her to read a teleprompter.
(17:00) A lot of semi-naked dudes pile into the house where Michael Jackson died for a photoshoot.
(19:10) Gene "Bean" Baxter from the "Kevin & Bean" radio show in L.A. is doing one of the nicest things ever -- he's giving one of his kidneys to a co-worker. Visit to do your part.
(25:40) Governor Chris Christie is ripped by John Stewart for suddenly siding with President Obama after the hurricane ... and Harvey thinks it way out of line...
(33:10) Breaking news -- Evan just found "one of the best lawsuits we've seen in years." And he's not lying ... this one involves pimps, whores, and a lawsuit.
(36:00) Selena Gomez is named Glamour's "Woman of the Year." Seriously???
(39:00) The floor is yours!

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Well , Shouldn't Cee lo be under arrest by now ? Just a curious question

723 days ago


Why do TMZ believe everything that comes out of Michael Lohan's mouth? he is THE most obnoxious conceited liar, no one ever fact checks on what he claims..

723 days ago


This man should have been arrested by now... just whats the hold up? Learn how F0RTUNE 500 C0RP0RATI0NS want to pay you to referral your friends to try their products or services for FREE. And get this... they're willing to pay you T0P D0LLAR to do so. You can generate $500 - $1000 per day from home using our services, call me at my office to learn more at (702) 530-4586 ***Online training classes are available with an live instructor!*** and our company also offers a 24hr support desk at your conveyance!

723 days ago

Flying Blind    

hey you, yow you, look up here!

723 days ago


EWWWWWWWWWWW....CEE LOO can only drug women or men to have sex is the only way he would get some...he is such a fat pig

723 days ago


You look at this guy, waddling his way in front of the camera and you say to yourself, would this guy drug a bitch to use her as a sperm receptacle? My answer is, absolutely.

723 days ago


Aha - MONEY!!!! Okay , I understand it

723 days ago


One of the most common *false* accusations against men.
Craig Silverman, former Colorado prosecutor known for his zealous prosecution of rapists during his 16-year career, says that false rape accusations occur with “scary frequency.” As a commentator on ABC affiliate, Silverman noted that “any honest veteran sex assault investigator will tell you that rape is one of the most falsely reported crimes.”
In her book Ceasefire: Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality, Boston Globe columnist Cathy Young details numerous questionable rulings in which potentially innocent men were prevented from properly defending themselves by the rape-shield laws.
In her article False Rape Accusations May Be More Common Than Thought, Wendy McElroy stated regarding rape accusations: "even a skeptic like me must credit a DNA exclusion rate of 20 percent that remained constant over several years when conducted by FBI labs. This is especially true when 20 percent more were found to be questionable...False accusations are not rare. They are common."
The Innocence Project dot org, facts dictate truth

723 days ago


i see he doing a free commercialorhis buddy at x factor

723 days ago


She didn't do that badly , I would have been worse - but take the darn prompter away ...

723 days ago


It would seem more like he would have slipped her GHB, the date-rape drug, rather than ecstacy, considering she was passed out cold and doesn't remember anything. If you were passed out cold on ecstacy, you would also be dead.

723 days ago


Please get this family off TV they aren't even fun to make fun of any more

723 days ago


Are you kidind xfaxtor will be gone before next season BAd SHOW Who watch x any way WE know Harvey sets up phone calls to say what he wants

723 days ago


I see Governor Chris Christie on the Board - Well , the only left for the Governor to do is to Endorse OBAMA for president .. I mean , what's left , really? lol

723 days ago


Cee Lo has admitted to abusing and torturing animals in his youth. Psychopaths enjoy the control, the suffering they inflict.

I can't believe how many of you have been saying that why would he have to rape someone of he can get it for free from fans, or pay for it. People don't rape because thay can't get any, they want the control.

You are idiots to think an animal torturer couldn't possibly rape a woman, or that a celebrity is incapeable of being a rapist. They just have the resources to cover their tracks better, or pay off their victims.

He clearly lacks compassion and empathy and has always been a cruel, sick f*ck.

723 days ago
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