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Octomom & Dad


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11/4/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1104_suleman_and_fatherYou know what they say -- the family that detoxes together ... Octomom's dad has joined his daughter in rehab ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for Nadya Suleman tells TMZ ... 71-year-old papa Octo (aka Ed Doud) -- checked into the Chapman House Rehabilitation Center Wednesday for a 28-day alcohol dependency program.

We're told Ed's alcohol addiction goes back decades -- and he was inspired by his daughter to finally clean up his act.

It seems the folks who run the joint want to keep father/daughter apart, because they haven't seen each other yet ... they're at opposite ends of the facility ... but we're told they'll definitely come together for some family therapy sessions.

TMZ broke the story ... Nadya's in a 30-day program for Xanax dependency, while her kids are at home on their best behavior ever ... in the good care of 3 nannies.


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She hasn't made very many smart decisions but if the family sticks together it would be much better for the kids. Nothing heals like grandparents.

720 days ago


Has Ed Doud been in two different rehab places during the past week? On Nov. 1, Radar Online reported that Ed had checked into rehab the same day as Nadya (they did not say where he went) and that he had checked himself OUT on Wedsnesday Oct. 31. Their article is "Rehab Fail! Octomom's dad checked into treatment with her, already out." Now TMZ is telling us today that Ed checked INTO Chapman House on Weds. the 31st. Did he not like the place he was in and wanted to go join Nadya? And why would Chapman even let Ed, a drunk who may have created a lot of Nadya's problems when she was a child, be housed in the same facility with her? Wouldn't that make her feel even MORE stressed and anxious, knowing he's right there practically breathing down her neck? If they wanted to accept Ed, why didn't they send him over to their Riverside facility instead of keeping him with Nadya in the Orange facility? They are asking for trouble. WTH kind of effed-up rehab place is Chapman anyway?

720 days ago


not one story about a celeb on this lame website, low class or some one that no one knows or a whore. What happen to tmz, oh it is $$$$$$$$$$$$ that keeps this lame tmz (paid by Kim) going.

720 days ago


Where did I hear that this woman has a PHD? Nothing she does convinces me she even has a brain!

720 days ago


I can see now which parent Nadya gets her good looks from.

720 days ago


Close relatives of Skummy PooPoo no doubt. Same ugly looks, same fame whoring, same stupidity.

720 days ago


Yes, why is it that Ed went to rehab and was only in for one day and now is in Chapman House? That facility is fast becoming a joke!

720 days ago


Enough with the Octoho stories! Im so disappointed in TMZ lately. We all know that Gina Rodriguez's son works for you. We all know you are paying her for stories. What's really disappointing is that you don't bother to fact check. If you did, you would find out 2 things- 1) Gina is the one who is supplying the drugs (and not just Xanax) to Octo. And 2) Ed checked himself out of rehab several days ago.

720 days ago


I say put Octo AND KK on a deserted island with plenty of food for the kids and see how she fares without all the media attention she craves.

720 days ago


Interesting about the multiple nannies coming forward about the sexual abuse of the tups. Looks like mommy wasn't lucid enough to protect them. SAD!

720 days ago


TMZ seems to ignore the information released from other sources that indicate Octomom herself has an alcohol dependency issue. (Saying anxiety issues sounds nicer than all the other problems she likely has). What about the video on Radar of her being drunk, her babysitter/friend commenting that she drove with a water bottle of vodka & cranberry juice in the car with the kids? What about all the tweets from strangers reporting seeing her buying milk with food stamps and vodka with cash late at night at local Rite Aids and convenience stores? Yet TMZ still runs stories boasting that Octo is off food stamps and she just has anxiety issues. TMZ is becoming a mouthpiece for Octomom's manager and that is not a good thing!

720 days ago


And who's paying for all of this? Tax payers of course. She should be institutionalized for being a burden to society. He has no value to this or any other society. Totally worthless individual.

720 days ago


Does it get any weirder when the mental patient controls the delusional exclusives and the commenters are left to be telling the ace reporters the truth?
Opposite sides of the facility? Say WHAHHHH?

How is it that the commenters know that the facility Nadya Suleman has checked into is OUTPATIENT meaning that it's about as much rehab as checking into a movie theater for a couple of of hours a day.
Why don't you report on where she in the rest of the time:

Here's a hint of to start -- -anyplace where they might sell mouse ears.... And in a wig she must look somewhat closer to animatronically real than usual.

Here's another tip: If this is how you plan to report what you've got then you really need to stop calling yourself Rumor Fix and start calling yourself Fixed Spin.

Here's what you should be doing. Getting more from Gina Bryson -- the kindly woman who free of charge minded the 8 smallest for mos o f the summer and was never paid a penny, except to be potentially bribed $10,000 to disappear for a few weeks on a Nadya paid-for family vacation. while Nadya Suleman used her very, very nice home ---claiming it to be hers-- to film an Episode of American Nanny. She even has do***ents to back it.
Gina Bryson spoke to CBS reporters for 4 hours about what she knew. So far they've only used a few minutes.

Why not find out the rest? it's got to be more interesting than Nadya Suleman's dosage echoing out at you. Not to mention a lot more true.
Have you even asked?
And unlike 20 percent Backdoor Gina Rodriguez who has made the big move form wearing on her back to off the backs of 14 kids, Gina Bryson been donating anything she receives from newsoutlets for using all those many, many pictures and do***ents she has to children's charities.

720 days ago


Ugh....please do something with those eyebrows!!!! Looks like Bert and Bernie from sesame street!

720 days ago


TMZ did not break the story,Radar said last week that Ed went into same rehab and left after several days.

720 days ago
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