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Sophia Bush

Non-Voters Should Be


11/5/2012 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tomorrow is the election ... and if you don't vote, you should be ASHAMED of yourself ... this according to former "One Tree Hill" star Sophia Bush.

Bush isn't shy when it comes to politics ... she's a huge Obama supporter ... and even had lunch with the President back in June.

But on her way out of The Sayers Club in L.A. this weekend, the 30-year-old actress made it clear ... she has no tolerance for people who don't exercise their constitutional right to vote.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Maybe when they change the system so my vote actually counts for something I’ll actually worry about it. Right now I live in a mostly Republican state so my vote for Obama means squat.

654 days ago


I won't jump into the political topic but I can say Sopia Bush'd new tv program Partners is a real dog. that should be canceled PDQ.

654 days ago


I'm not voting for a candidate I don't believe in. Maybe if people didn't vote Obama in based on his skin color, maybe people wouldn't try to vote in Mitt just so they can get rid of Obama. Replace one bad president for a another. Good plan America.

654 days ago

Mike L    

They both suck. I'd rather not vote then vote for somebody I don't like. Not that it matters anyway. We found out years ago that even if a candidate wins the popular vote, they may not win the electoral vote. If thats the case, why should we waste our time voting when it means nothing?

654 days ago


Not everyone can vote though. She needs to calm down.

654 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I love when actors and actresses try to act political. 95% of the time they know absolutely nothing about who and what they are really supporting. I guess they are just trying to be next to the president for a picture and to use as a name dropper.
Phishie from Philly MITT IS THE CORRECT FIT!

654 days ago

Tabloid Diva    

@Carl- I have paid attention, that's why I don't support either of them. Maybe you need to listen better to what they're saying. And I totally intend to vote in the local races. And STILETTO, I could care less what u think about me. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if u don't like them, so bash me all u want, it has no effect on me what a stranger who DOESN'T KNOW ME thinks. Have a nice day, done responding to u, waste of my time :)

654 days ago

Evil Monkey    

Vote for Pedro

654 days ago


who really give a damn what a hollywood skank thinks.i cannot believe that hollywood thinks their lame opinions mean anything to the working person.these people make millions and then they whine poor me listen to my opinion.hollywood is so out of touch with reality.alot of people i think are not going to vote due to the fact that both canidates r idiots and poor representations of the people they claim to want to represent

654 days ago


If there was someone worth voting for, maybe I would vote dipshyt.

654 days ago


I went to the Obama rally in Aurora Colorado last night. I stood in the cold for five and half hours, but it was worth it. He gave a great speech. The audience was tired by the time he took the stage. And although his voice was kinda raspy, he managed to turn that tired crowd into people full of excitement and energy. And before President Obama came on, Dave Mathews played a few songs, he was pretty funny too. And I met a lot of nice people. Overall, a great and memorible night. I cast my vote for President Obama last week.

654 days ago


I've seen her new show, she should be ashamed of that. And telling everyone to vote is ridiculous, the informed should be voting, but hey that doesn't sound as good.

654 days ago


Well, there's more than just presidential elections going on, but many at the state level too. Ok fine, you don't like whos presented for president, then don't vote those, but, you should really vote in local elections. For instance in my state, assisted suicide and medical marijuana are just 2 of the hot button issues on my states ballet. Should I sit out and not vote because I can't stand the numbnuts running for president? Heck no! There's also various senate races which DO affect your state as well. If you do nothing else, vote your local elections because many of those issues can directly affect you.

654 days ago

Tabloid Diva    

Bottom line- no one should vote if they don't believe in either candidate, regardless what other idiots here think. Vote just to vote is what they want you to do, even if it goes against what u believe in. I'm not commenting on this any voting topic any more- most of u are just too stupid for me to tolerate today.

654 days ago

Throwback kid    

TMZ has become the Myspace of internet gossip sites, an obsolete relic

654 days ago
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