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Hollywood Collectively Orgasms

11/6/2012 8:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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4 MORE YEARS ... of George Clooney in the White House ... 'cause his BFF Barack Obama has defeated Mitt Romney and will serve another term as the President of the United States.

According to multiple news outlets ... Obama locked up most of the swing states ... including Ohio, Nevada and Florida .. and has earned enough electoral votes to remain the Commander in Chief.

As soon as the victory was announced, the stars went to Twitter in droves ... click here to read the celeb reactions.

9:55 PM -- Mitt Romney just delivered a speech congratulating Obama on the victory.

"I wish all of them well, but particularly the President, the First Lady and their daughters."

He continued, "I pray that the President will be successful in guiding our nation."



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All of the NEGATIVE and HATEFUL comments today about THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BARAK OBAMA are so funny. I'm just sitting back reading and LAUGHING with the biggest smile on my face. HAHAHAHAHA I love America! Today is a great day

716 days ago


And the country loses ... God help us all; we'll need it.

716 days ago


I just got to work and the entire department is partying lol. I had my (I voted for Obama) sticker on the pocket of my scrubs and my supervisor immediately gave me a sour look and tried to make me remove it. I told her it wasn't a problem yesterday when she had her Romney/Ryan pin on her blouse and there is nothing in the employee dress code stating that I can't have any stickers. and if it was going to be a issue I was going to the department head. So now I'm stuck monitoring CT scans and MRI images with no interaction with patients all day lmao. Bitter bitch it's not my fault I couldn't control the outcome. I have a funny feeling we are all going to be reprimanded by the end of the day lol. I'm surprised she hasn't put a halt to the party I think its bc the entire basement is involved just not ours but oh well.

716 days ago


Socialist, N word, Black, whatever you want to call him...Address that with PRESIDENT 1st...What you all don't seem to understand...All your negative energy inspires people like me to vote and go out like never before! American is no longer the face of a caucassian nation. It is open, diverse, and lead by one of the most powerful Black Men ever!! Don't dislike BE LIKE! He's YOUR President too! Thank you for all the hatred, mean words, and negative energy and thoughts it just motivates the Democratic party more and more...Keep up the good work! Thumbs UP!!

716 days ago


I got 99 problems but mitt aint one

716 days ago


cool, if you're into protracted huge unemployment figures and a killer deficit.. so, who's paying for the inaugural event in January? the Chinese?

716 days ago


The unemployed and otherwise struggling people didn't vote for Obama; the wealthy and people who are multi-generational living off the government and total idealists voted for him. This country is in sad shape. Well, 4 years from now when Chris Christie is elected, we can exhale.

716 days ago

uncle tom    

IMPEACH OBAMA for the murder of 4 americans in benghazi

716 days ago


LOL! Stock market sinking like a lead balloon! - 360...!

716 days ago


716 days ago


Didn't sound like an orgasm to me. It sounded like America took a good healthy dump on itself!

716 days ago


Wow, this is really going to suck for Obama. He just inherited a real mess :/

716 days ago


Okay, all you june bugs who voted purely because he is black - what has he done for you in the last 4 years? Um..nothing. Expect the same in the next 4. Okay, Hollywood celebs - maybe you can help the unemployed and needy the way you threw money at his campaign. Nothing is going to change, people. Stupid blacks voting just because he is black. Now the whole country is going to suffer - again!

716 days ago


Who will O be blaming in the next four years? You own it now. Bye bye Miss American Pie....

716 days ago


Get ready for higher taxes middle class. As soon as the bush tax cuts expire you can expect your taxes to go up by $2500. oh and when obama care finally kicks in...even more taxes for the middle class.
Thanks a lot people.

716 days ago
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