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LeVar Burton

PBS Will Triumph ...

Romney or No Romney

11/6/2012 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Big Bird
is safe for now -- at least according to Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton, who tells TMZ, he's confident PBS will survive after the election ... no matter who wins ... despite Mitt Romney threatening to cut funding to the network if he's elected.

Burton had just cast his vote in L.A. -- take a wild guess for who -- and we asked if he was optimistic about PBS' survival next year post-election (in light of Romney's infamous anti-Big Bird agenda).

Burton replied, "I am. In my heart, I absolutely am."

He said,  "A lot depends on what happens this evening. But no matter what happens, PBS needs to reorganize its way of being effective."

Burton -- who has already expressed his outrage over Romney's anti-PBS stance -- added, "A lot of people need to acknowledge that the world is changing, and we got to change with it or get left behind."

Puppet power.


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Condolences to Brook Shields on the passing of her Mother

685 days ago


LaVar I love ya man, but you are wrong on the world is changing and we have to change. We are a leader not a follower. If the whole world wants to jump off a bridge does that mean we have to also? NO !!!

685 days ago


Oh please, you are fooling no one. Sesame Street is a money making machine that doesn't need our tax dollars.

685 days ago

small asian penis    

I can fly anywhere, just take a look, it's in a book.

685 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

He's right. Even if Romney wins, he'll know better than to mess with PBS, women's right to choose, and - in light of Hurricane Sandy - FEMA's budget if he wants another four years in 2016.

685 days ago

Jeri-Lynn Heagy    

well, all those companies that are giving tax deductible donations are gonna yank them just because we will have a new president...I would think that they would even be more generous in their contributions to get bigger tax breaks.

685 days ago


Are you that stupid Lamar? PBS has plenty of money., The government money is just a drop in their well filled bucket. Romney was making a point by using the PBS small change as an example of how tight he wants to make Government spending. You'd better hope he wins.

685 days ago

Ursus Magnus    

You tell 'em Toby! Be good...

685 days ago


Licensing bankrolls EVERYTHING PBS. At the worst, they might trim some of the fat. BFD.

685 days ago


" expressed his outrage over Romney's anti-PBS stance "
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Interesting, . . . I wasn't aware that Romney had an "anti-PBS" stance. In fact, I've clearly heard him praise PBS, but simply suggest that we currently cut government slush funding to the network (during a time when we are clearly needing to set new parameters on government spending). PBS will clearly survive, with the Sesame Street franchise earning mega millions per year, not to mention private donations as well.
Romney wants to end "government funding" to PBS, . . . NOT PBS!!!
Nice propaganda, TMZ . . .

685 days ago


PBS is a scam. The government (we) pay for it then companies sell their crap (Sesame Street.......) and make big profits. Let them run commercials and sink or swim like everyone else.

685 days ago


What is so important on PBS that justifies borrowing money from China to pay for it?

685 days ago


TMZ is super fixated on Big Bird. Apparently, PBS gets up to 60% of its funding from private donations and grants. Supposedly, the actor who plays Big Bird makes a few hundred thousand $ a year. And from what I've read, PBS is bloated with staff, and isn't hurting for the latest equipment. Note that even Burton admits that PBS needs to reorganize - so the criticism is fair. Should we not examine where all our money is being spent, especially with the current economy? But regardless of what happens, Big Bird isn't going anywhere, so people can chill.

685 days ago


LOL i Voted For Obama in Florida, What's Up Romney, Are You Having a Good Day Today...............LOL :)

685 days ago


your name is Levar?...

685 days ago
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