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Uppercut Bus Driver


You Broke the Rules

11/6/2012 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The Cleveland bus driver who fired back at an aggressive female passenger with a FEROCIOUS uppercut to the face ... has been fired by his bus company.

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority has announced ... Artis Hughes was terminated from his job ... for not following policy after he was assaulted by the passenger back in September.

In a statement, the RTA explains ...  "Mr. Hughes claims that his actions were in self-defense. The evidence does not support that claim."

"We expect our employees to diffuse any potential situation. We do not believe that Mr. Hughes took the proper steps to diffuse this situation."

"The proper procedure would have been to pull over and stop the bus, then call Transit Police for assistance."

However, RTA does say ... "The customer was out of line and charges have been filed against her."

Moments after the driver smacked the woman, he told her, "She wanna be a man, I'm gonna treat you like a man."

So far, no comment from the bus driver.


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Listen, I'm a woman, mother, nurse,-but the way that crazy ho was acting necessitated a quick trip to the moon-she deserved what she got 100 times over-someone hire that driver!

714 days ago


So the driver was supposed to just sit there and let this crazy woman have a field day with him, I don't think so. She was taunting him, calling him names and putting her hands on him, he had every right to defend himself. Give the man his job back!

714 days ago

Kelly Socal    

So sad! This country becomes one big prison, "step to the right step to the left is an attempt to escape. will be shot on the spot..." C'mon!

She assaulted him FIRST! Yes, he should have called police and watch them do nothing to a person who is been insulting him for over 20 minutes?!?!
Old-timer, you made my day! I watch it over and over and every-time I imagine uppercutting all those who got away with making my life a living hell! Thank you, Man!!!

714 days ago


She sill gonna sue andwin big time lmao

714 days ago


no doubt that the chick deserved what she got......but so did the bus driver who got fired. I live in Cleveland and used to take the bus to work downtown and EVERY SINGLE RTA driver has a DIRECT COMMUNICATION LINE TO THE TRANSIT POLICE on their bus or train. DRIVER SHOULD HAVE CALLED THE COPS INSTEAD OF BEATING HER AND THROWING HER OFF THE BUS. If he had got into an altercation with this woman on his own private time, outside of company property, he would not have deserved to be fired. BUT HE WAS ON THE JOB PEOPLE!!! HOW MANY OF THE EMPLOYED ON THIS BOARD WOULD NOT GET FIRED FOR HAVING A FIST FIGHT WHILE YOU ARE ON THE CLOCK AND ON COMPANY PROPERTY? WHETHER IT WAS WITH A COWORKER OR NOT!

714 days ago

Green monte    


714 days ago

Iowa Matt    

She wanted to talk smack like she could kick everyones ass and she got put in her place, maybe if her family would have raised her to act like a cival human being and not trashy mouthy kid she would be in college making something out of her life and not acting like a complete fool on a bus and getting her just deserts

714 days ago


It isn't clear in the video but she actually did attack him and spit on him according to reports but reading comments some people don't seem to realize it. It wasn't just her mouthiness. Disease can also be transmitted by saliva (spit).

It's unfortunate that he was fired but he didn't handle the situation well. He should have ignored her and called security or police and maybe it wouldn't have escalated to that point. Both were risking the safety of other riders by him being distracted. The punch was a little excessive I think too. Hopefully the charges against her will stick and she'll learn that you can't treat people that way without consequences.

714 days ago


OMG. He is going to get more charges than this B*tch

714 days ago


Haha, She wants to hit him, Then gets hit back then she wants him to go to jail? lol Dumb beotch. It is a damn shame though that guy had a clean hit and didn't knock her out cold though. She kept coming back for more.

714 days ago


"She a female!" "She a girl!". We can't help that, that's her problem. You want equal rights ladies? THERE YOU GO, you got it! I love that bus driver! KUDOS SIR!

713 days ago


Typical black woman running her mouth. But damn he his her hard as hell! Unbelievable. F'ing jungle monkeys.

713 days ago


Of course he got fired! You can't do that on the job - provoked or not! Hope it was worth it to him.

713 days ago


un-huh....common sense prevails!

She got what she deserved for spitting on him, but he was clearly in the wrong for instigating the situation.

And her foolish but believes she has a legitimate lawsuit that isn't gonna be bounced out of court.

713 days ago


Oh man... this beat down on her fills all my fantasies against the bullies who attacked me back in the 70s. Thank you, bus driver. That felt GOOD.

713 days ago
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