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Uppercut Bus Driver


You Broke the Rules

11/6/2012 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The Cleveland bus driver who fired back at an aggressive female passenger with a FEROCIOUS uppercut to the face ... has been fired by his bus company.

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority has announced ... Artis Hughes was terminated from his job ... for not following policy after he was assaulted by the passenger back in September.

In a statement, the RTA explains ...  "Mr. Hughes claims that his actions were in self-defense. The evidence does not support that claim."

"We expect our employees to diffuse any potential situation. We do not believe that Mr. Hughes took the proper steps to diffuse this situation."

"The proper procedure would have been to pull over and stop the bus, then call Transit Police for assistance."

However, RTA does say ... "The customer was out of line and charges have been filed against her."

Moments after the driver smacked the woman, he told her, "She wanna be a man, I'm gonna treat you like a man."

So far, no comment from the bus driver.


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That's what the hell she gets. Let the racist comments commence. Don't worry, that train ain't never late.

714 days ago

Michael Forever    

Of course they filed charges against her, because they know she has EVERY right to sue! Every person I spoke to agrees, that he should have pulled over and called the police, just as their policy implicates! He should have used his head, instead of his fists. Now it seems that his bad judgement made him unemployable!

714 days ago


too bad that bus company can't be boycotted....

714 days ago


Why is it that no one on the bus did anything to remove her from the situation? Did they not realize that she is distracting the driver and putting everyone on that bus in danger. She very well could have caused him to lose control and crash. As good as it was to see her get what she had coming to her, i do think it was a bit excessive. If i were on the bus i would have stepped in, and asked the driver to stop the bus and either we remove her or i get off.

714 days ago


I thought that was awesome. She was all ghetto up in his face hiding behind the fact that she was female and he was at work. All those people saying 'THAT'S A GIRL!!! THAT'S A GIRL!! Sorry people, that was no "girl" that was a rabid animal. That bus driver is lucky she wasn't carrying or she would have blown his head off without thinking twice. Next time she spouts off like a piece of worthless ghetto trash I hope someone takes her out of the equation permanently.

714 days ago


He needs to Knock out a few more of those loud mouths in Clevelend. Those wild bitches ruin the shopping malls, public transit and schools with their animal like behavior. Too bad he didn't push her out the door while the bus was moving.

714 days ago


can't say i wouldn't have done the same thing. i'm sure if the guy could do it all over again he would still have knocked her on her ass.

714 days ago

small asian penis    

Hood folk...

714 days ago


Nice punch. Good shot , man.

714 days ago


That is awful no one should be terminated because thet reacted to being hit be an irate Pig

714 days ago


HA. He gave that biatch the Chris Brown treatment. Someone should ask her want it's like to be rihanna.

714 days ago


If they ever do another "Celebrity Boxing" they need to have this guy go against Epic Beard Man!

714 days ago

Melissa B    

I'm not supporting men using their muscles to beat and oppress women. BUT if you step to a man and smack him, you might get smacked back. When do we expect them to draw a line? I think if a girl is hitting you over and over again you have to defend yourself. I think he was a little to rough but she should not have hit him either.

714 days ago

small asian penis    

I thought you weren't suppose to talk to the bus driver. That video is disturbing in so many ways. Why didn't anyone stop this from happening? Let me put it this way, you're a total POS if you were on that bus and didn't help diffuse the situation for the safety of other passengers. This is the problem with our country, people don't help others whether they are right or wrong. Imagine if that bus flipped and killed your kid as you stood there and did nothing or thought it was more important to video tape it. God bless this country.

714 days ago


Wooooow... that was a smack and then some.

I'm sorry but if a woman starts swinging, a guy has a right to swing back. You want to be treated like a lady, then act like one.

714 days ago
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