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Bobbi Kristina

Oops, I Smashed

Into My BF's Car

11/7/2012 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobbi Kristina
treated her boyfriend to a late-night bangin' session this week ... when she plowed her Camaro into his Camaro ... and TMZ has a photo of the wreckage.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... it all went down inside the parking garage at the couple's apartment complex in Georgia on Monday night.

We're told Bobbi had followed Nick Gordon's car back to their place from another location ... and moments after he parked his car, she tried to back in to the next spot over ... and screwed up ... smashing the front of Nick's brand new car in the process.

Sources connected to the couple insist the crash was NOT alcohol related ... it was just a really expensive mistake.


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frankie knockout    

it takes 10 years to be a good driver.she'll never make it.

684 days ago


Oh, dear! Now she'll have to pay for two MORE cars. At this rate, the money will be gone, before we know it...except that TMZ will give us every boring detail.

684 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Was it out of anger or drunkingness?
Phishie from Philly. .

684 days ago


Kristina is a ugly tooth gapped bitch, go away..

684 days ago


Yeah keep lying to yourself. Besides she learned from her mom and dad.

684 days ago


This is going to end soooo badly. Although he family has tried to intervene, and get control of the trust fund, with no success,.....Bobbi Kristina will fly through the money and end of broke, and possibly dead from drugs and alcohol, her mama. My gawd,....can't something be done about this,....the boyfriend/brother sure has it made,....and he knows it. What a horrible situation,....and what's also sad, is that she goes on and on about missing her mom,.....THEN Bobbi Kristina needs to get her head outta her azz and honor her mama the right way. There is NO doubt Whitney ever wished that her child would be a druggie and a drunk. Here's an idea,.....a suggestion stolen from the Lindsay Lohan fiasco,...maybe Bobbie Kristina and her brother/boyfriend need to get busted by the cops,.....somehow,someway, get her into therapy, or even rehab,....she is so out of control,....

684 days ago


Wouldn't the scratch on Bobbi's car be on the other side if she was backing up?

684 days ago


Nah, she was looking in the rear view mirror to see if her ugly face looked any better, she got scared and crashed, rubbernecking her own fugly face

684 days ago

John T.    

Did this crack head even finish high school? What does that free loader of a boyfriend do, does he even have a job? They will go through that money so fast . She is too young and stupid to even know he is using her. Does she ever look in the mirror? Do you really thing the guy would be with you if you were broke? Still using your moms drug dealer?

684 days ago


Bobbi is an addict just like mommy and daddy...

684 days ago


Yeah right. She had to be high/drunk on something. That chick always look like she messed up.

684 days ago

I luv u RPattz! worries. She's got money to pay for it.

684 days ago


what a careless lil skank...thats wha you get when u give some irresponsible ugly child a ton of money all at once...once the moneys gone so is that leech she calls a boyfriend.......she will be broke in two years!

684 days ago

Bitch please    

Seems like shes enjoying herself ALOT more after her mother died.....sad

684 days ago


She will be broke and on the streets in one year if someone doesn't stop her soon.

684 days ago
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