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Stacey Dash

Epic 1,344 Word Rant

About Election Depression

11/7/2012 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stacey Dash is really bummed out that Mitt Romney is NOT the next President of These United States ... and we know she's bummed out because she sent us a 1,344 word essay about it.

In her statement, Dash touches on sleeping, hanging chads, her baby, her DNA, Osama Bin Laden ... and she also refers to herself in the 3rd person. 

As we previously reported, Dash took a whole lotta heat for being one of the only black people in Hollywood to not support Barack Obama.

But at the end of her paper, Dash does say, "I am hopeful that President Obama will lead us to becoming the great United States of America that thrives."

Stacey Dash everyone ... she was in "Clueless" once.


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"In the event that Romney wins the election, I expect them to elevate the platform of the GOP and become more inclusive, less exclusive and more inventive, especially as it comes to social issues including women’s health, gay rights, equal pay and immigration."

Is she for real? Like, did she follow anything that involved Romney and Ryan concerning their past and present policies, beliefs and campaign? She needs to take a seat.

I could care less who she voted for, there are Republicans of different races for goodness sake!, but this talking out of her ass is annoying.

680 days ago

Deborah Fowler    

Stacey Dash needs medication and a stiff one !!!!!!!!!!

680 days ago

Gary Kunich    

Typical trolls on here criticizing this woman for eloquently expressing her viewpoints. It's America. People are allowed to have viewpoints. People who criticize her, probably didn't even read the letter. What a shame.

680 days ago

KarenF. from Chicago    

This Numbscull is looking for a way up, Oh and the picture with Ryan Bitch please & Mrs. ryan she will **** him this whore needs attention and he gave her some :(

680 days ago


I think she is correct on every point!! Good luck everyone with your celebrity president. Watch this and tell me if this sounds good

680 days ago


Obama is the President....


This chick acts like its the end of the world. Get over it. Damn.

680 days ago


Who told this women that people actually gives a damn about her or her endorsement? If her name was Condelezza Rice, Elvis, yes even Colin Powell, maybe it would matter. I believe after her endorsement(?) she wasn't happy with the reaction so she is trying to justify her choice. Her every word sounds like the memo all the GOP's got word for word. She is right about one thing ,she is only one vote, so what she should have done was vote for Romney and moved on.What makes her believe that the President got all his votes because he is black. I'm, sure that may be one of the reasons (her included) didn't vote for him, so I guess that black thing can go both ways. Her rant is just that. She has a lot of competition though with the rants on Twitter from Donald Trump (who wants a revolution) and on the radio from Rush Limbaugh (who really needs therapy). There is not one thing that you have to worry about when it comes to your daughter, because this President has no plans to get rid of education, insurance, Obamacare (which is the blue print of Romneycare), but one thing did stick out, you said you make good money and you pay lots of taxes, well I can see why you wanted Romney because this President believes that you are NOT on the same level with the little middle and lower class people tax wise who DON"T MAKE SO MUCH MONEY WHERE HIGHER TAXES ON THEM WOULD TAKE FOOD OUT OF THEIR CHILDREN MOUTHS. But folks like you probably will not have that problem, right? Romney would have helped you NOT ME! SO, get a grip Stacey, IT'S OVER, ROMNEY LOSS, SO MOVE ON FIND ANOTHER ACTING JOB AND GET YOUR NEXT BIG PAYDAY, BECAUSE THERE WILL BE A REGULAR PERSON WHO WILL SERVE YOU AND YOU DAUGHTER FOOD AT A RESTAURANT ONE DAY, BUT THEY (UNLIKE YOU)WILL NOT SEE A BIG PAY DAY!

680 days ago


She's a loser just like Romney

680 days ago


What a idiot.... This chick need help.... She just want so attention and that's what we are giving her. Go back in you whole... You are very "clueless about life. Please go somewhere and hide.

680 days ago


So sad you make fun of the celebrities that support Romney and glorify the ones who support Obama... This is the last nail in your coffin to prove none of you are

680 days ago


Stacey Dash... shut up! The person buying marshmallow fluff... is probably one of your only fans!

My question... why was a 46 year old in a swimsuit endorsing someone for president?

680 days ago

Music Manager    

The instruction manual of my washing machine is a better read than this.

680 days ago

A viewer    

She looks like Steven Tyler

680 days ago


It's funny that Black people vote for Obama for no other reason than he is black, and most will tell you that. But, will scream racism or call people racist who say anything negative about the guy. These are the same people who are among the poorest demographic in the country, yet elected the guy again after piling up more and more debt and not helping black people one bit. Enjoy your president, folks.

680 days ago


Stacy Dash looks like a man

680 days ago
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