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Lindsay Lohan's Assistant

Cops TWISTED My Words

11/8/2012 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's assistant is adamant ... he did NOT tell police Lindsay was driving at the time of her gnarly PCH accident this summer -- insisting cops are just making up stories to push criminal charges on the actress.

Gavin the assistant is telling friends, cops questioned him at the hospital where Lindsay was being treated post-accident -- but he neither confirmed nor denied whether Lindsay was driving the car.

Gavin's saying cops confronted him, saying they already knew Lindsay was driving because of the seat belt marks on her left shoulder -- indicating she was in the driver's seat -- and Gavin simply replied with a noncommittal "Okay."

Sources close to Gavin tell us, Gavin believes cops ran with his answer as an affirmative response ... and used it to convince the Santa Monica City Attorney to file a misdemeanor charge against Lindsay.

We're told Gavin's furious at cops for twisting his words, and now he doesn't want to cooperate with the investigation.

That said, he's willing to help Lindsay any way he can -- as if he hasn't done enough already.

The Santa Monica PD had no comment.


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Alright, here we are! Is this the third or is it fourth story on this? Im singing, Im dancing, and I have tears of joy in my eyes!!! Lindsay Lohan, Honey Boo Boo, and Octomom stories on TMZ For LIfe!!!

631 days ago

Wow ...    

So another gossip site says, Lindsay was "confused" following the accident. She would never lie to cops... thanks for the LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

631 days ago


---->>> Lielo "No one was driving I was in his lap I put the rental car on auto pilot,,,or the breaks failed,or he cut me off...witch one will work judge???"

631 days ago


But why would they have to set up the question in such a way that just seems like they were baiting him? It's so unnecessary given how many witnesses they had, and now some people might think the way they handled things is questionable..

631 days ago


Pretty sure they have her picture on a Highway camera.......they certainly don't need Gavin.

631 days ago


Oh man, I can hardly wait till TMZ does there next story on Octomom! I live for these kinds of stories, I mean REALLY live!!!

631 days ago


I'm sure the Santa Monica PD has obtained some kind of surveillance video placing LiLo in the driver's seat on her way to the studio before the accident occurred. They wouldn't even bother prosecuting her without such evidence given her penchant for "wiggling out of trouble with the law". Gavin knows he's done as a personal assistant, if he's forced to testify against LiLo. He's only looking out for his own interests not those of the anybody else.

631 days ago


Yup, she hired a particularly stupid one. Uh, dumbass; you've already given a statement to the police; you're done. All your antics to try to save her from being thrown in jail are for naught; there's corroborating witnesses. It's done. Over with. Complete. She's headed to severe beatings in jail, and there's nothing you can do about it.

631 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

LOL radar online posted an article saying Lindsay said she would never lie to cops, she was confused after the accident!

LMAO. How are you confused? You got confused as to whether you were driving or not?

Lindsay, you are one pathelogical liar. A psychopath or sociopath. Regardless, youre crazy and a criminal. SO SAD!

631 days ago


OHHHH...Who to believe. You have ROL with a story that Lindsay is saying (through sources, of course) that she was confused at the time she said she wasn't driving. And then you have TMZ who has Gavin recanting that he said Lindsay was driving...

I'm guessing both stories are BS. (By the way, the police have always said they have "multiple" witnesses, so this shouldn't matter anyway.)

631 days ago


He wants to help Lindsay anyway he can? Why? What is she holding over his head?

631 days ago


What an idiot. "Okay"? How is that not an affirmative response in that context? Wouldn't "No, she wasn't driving!" be the appropriate response?

631 days ago


I bet Gavin didnt tell cops about the pink bag. He was probably the one who told the truck driver not to tell the cops about the bag, and now the cops have twisted his words?

631 days ago


He just doesn't want to get fired. Let's face it, if he's working for a Lohan he probably has no skills or education to fall back on if he's terminated for getting her highness in trouble.

631 days ago


should also be leaving the scene of an accident..
those guys in the Limo are not EMT

631 days ago
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