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Ariel Winter


with Big Sister

11/9/2012 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Ariel Winter sent a very public message to her mother ... she's STANDING STRONG with her big sister and temporary guardian Shanelle Gray

In a major show of support, Ariel clutched her sister's hand as they walked into a hair salon in Los Angeles earlier today ... and, of course, it was all captured by the paparazzi.

Ariel's mother has accused Shanelle of using the "Modern Family" actress as a "stepping stone" to launch her own acting career.  She also claims Shanelle might blow Ariel's fortune on herself.

Shanelle claims she's rescuing Ariel from a physically and emotionally abusive mother.

No word on who paid for the trip to the salon.


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Big boobies.

651 days ago


Poor Ariel, to have her mother spewing all the crap in the media that she has for the past 48 hours. It's pretty obvious that the mother wants her meal ticket back not the daughter herself. Chrystal keeps making lies and excuses as to why Shanelle shouldn't have custody and at the same time it seems she is trying to further abuse and manipulate both girls by speaking about it in the media. Someone needs to go to court and put a muzzle on Chrystal Workman, she has no business going to the media and discussing something that should be kept private since Ariel is a minor.

And TMZ, you should be utterly ashamed of yourselves for willingly releasing these do***ents. I don't care if Ariel is the biggest child actor out there, there is NO REASON she should have her privacy invaded like this. This should be kept confidential and it should be against the law for you to even report on this.

651 days ago


Ariel is a very talented actress. She is a child and I feel sad for her having to be in a tug of war and drug into the spot light. She is not dressed inappropriately for the salon. If she is being abused by her mom then her sister should be taking care of her. Child abuse is never ok. I wish her the very best in life. I love her role on Modern Family. Stay strong!

651 days ago


Please, TMZ, leave her alone. She is 14. I love your site, but I beg of you, let the child be. Don't send your camera men to take pictures, She is a victim, she doesn't need the extra hurt.

651 days ago

King Anton    

Sweet Jesus. Her mother was in the right. 4 more years until she's legal right?

651 days ago


YIKES! She's 14?!!? She looks like a Kartrashian w/those tig-old-bitty's!!!

651 days ago


It's really a shame that this young girl's family misfortunes are being played out so publicly. That can't be making the situation any easier. Let's hope that the media(which include this site) don't take the low road when printing articles about it and oversensationalise it, IE:The Enquirer, Star, etc.Keep it classy TMZ.

651 days ago


Nice Rack.

651 days ago


Pls don't tell me that this Hollywood 14 yr old kid has already got fake boobs I hope she is naturally big & or wearing a padded bra What some ppl will allow there kids 2 do that @ that age Just 4 $ & fame Now the mother would have had 2 consented Even if the kid wanted them Its just wrong This kid grew up 2 qwick & now is coasting down easy st & wants 2 drop her stage mommy Who help her get the kid 2 where she is now The kid wants 2 b an adult @ 14 & cut the cord frm her mom
i thought my family was dysfunctional lol !!!

651 days ago


LMAO !!!

651 days ago


this is what happens when hollywood enables and uses kids for their own selfish greed. hollywood chews them up and spits them out ... the suits don't let this happen to their own tho .... hell no !

651 days ago


They are two lying , disrespectful , spoiled brats, I hope the judge sees through there lies lies lies and I hope the show fires this little brat, God Bless her parents!

651 days ago


Favorite Line:...."as they walked into a hair salon."

651 days ago


Overkill much, TMZ? Surely there are other D-listers you could do spam exclusives about?

651 days ago


Not sure who to believe... was she "abused", or is she a spoiled Hollywood brat who reacted horribly when her mother supposedly stopped her from having sex with her 18 year old boy friend? No idea who's lying.

651 days ago
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