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Lil Scrappy, Cash Out

Happy For Colorado, BUT

What About Us?

11/10/2012 3:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Scrappy
, Cash Out, and Warren G are THRILLED their Colorado peeps are free to smoke weed ... but still have one major concern -- what about ALL THE OTHER STATES???

The following is TMZ's in-depth analysis of Colorado's Amendment 64, aka ... here's what rappers think about the new ganja law: 

Lil Scrappy: "It would be great if I was still blowing but I'm on chill mode for God. Liquor is legal and less harmful ... so [weed] should be legal everywhere too."

Cash Out: "It's great! I wish they would legalize weed everywhere and there would be way more happy people in this country."

Future: "Hey s**t, I don't live in Colorado but when I get there for a show we can smoke." He adds, "They need to bring [this law] to Atlanta."

Flesh-N-Bone: "Great for those guys, wish it would be good for us in Cali."

Bizzy Bone: "Weed legal is good anywhere."

Warren G: "I think this is the first step to all states making it legal."

This has been TMZ's in-depth election coverage.


No Avatar


Why not as YOUR president to legalize weed. Hell, he will probably give BILLIONS of tax dollars to subsidize it. Gotta keep his people happy, they will threaten to riot if they don't get their way. LOSERS

691 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Go ahead. Legalize it. As if we need even more slacker skanks in this country.

691 days ago


Who come up with these idiotic rapper names?

I love that "Future" says, "they need to bring this law to Atlanta". No, genius that's not how it works. YOU need to get off your entitle derriere if you want something to change.

Dumb asses.

691 days ago


Only reason I'm against legalization is there are too many stupid people who will smoke and drive and putting many more people on the road at risk.

691 days ago


WHT..TMZ you racist MF'ers! Why did you interview all black men? Do you think they legalized POT for one specific race or class of people? Hell naw! Personally, I have no interest in it but I know people of every ethnic background that smoke blunts freely at will all the time...Ask your mother should they have leagalized it and why she blows blunts daily?

691 days ago


Lil Scrappy says
"It would be great if I was still blowing but I'm on chill mode for God. Liquor is legal and less harmful ... so [weed] should be legal everywhere too."

He's not saying liquor is less harmful than weed-he's saying it's less harmful than coke-hence the term "blowing" which is slang for using coke.

691 days ago


Yeah, right, what ABOUT you?

691 days ago


It's still illegal under federal law, and federal law trumps state law. Maybe if enough states legalize it, though, it will become ridiculous to try and enforce federal law. Also, Mexico is now saying they're thinking of not blocking their exports at the border - I'm sure they want to keep as much of the money for themselves. Then again, I hear the Mexican product is not so good, ha...should all be interesting to watch.

691 days ago


Looks like those states will see growth.....Tweekers are on the move.........

691 days ago


They had to of been high when they gave themselves those stupid names!!! By the way whatever came of "Big Dip****'

691 days ago

Spicy mag    

Yay lets kill our brain cells.

690 days ago


Colorado will benefit economically from this benefit passing but socially they are doomed. Pot may make you creative but not motivated enough to get off the couch and the junk food sales are going to hit an all time peak. Michelle Obama will have to come help Colorado now.

690 days ago


liquor is less harmful? HA!

689 days ago


Why is it that only black artists were asked about this - there are plenty of white people who publicly condone marijuana use (Justin Timberlake, Willie Nelson, Joe Rogan, etc.)?

689 days ago
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