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Chick-Fil-A Graffiti

Tastes Like Freedom ...

No Jail for Artist

11/10/2012 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1109-chick-fil-a-twitterTastes like freedom for an L.A. artist who spray-painted the side of a Chik-fil-A restaurant with the words, "Tastes Like Hate" ... 'cause he just scored a major legal victory, avoiding any jail time.

Manual "Manny" Castro Jr. inked the Redondo Beach locale back in August ... after a Chik-fil-A honcho made comments against same-sex marriage. Manny owned up to the artwork in an interview and was promptly arrested. He faced up to a year in jail.

Manny struck the deal Friday, with the help of his lawyer Blair Berk, pleading no contest to misdemeanor vandalism.

He was placed on 3 years probation and had to cough up $400 in fines. He has to do 100 hours of community service.

Oh, and he's also banned from Chick-fil-A.


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So why can't they charge HIM with a hate crime? The people who own the restaurant are free to express their views. People are free to not eat there.

721 days ago


tastes like hate... not as much as the graffiti itself!!

721 days ago


Good, this company needs to Stop HATING. I refuse to patronize this restaurant anymore!

721 days ago


The most intolerant people in this country are progressive liberals.

721 days ago


Question: Why is it that when the religious or others want to practice THEIR beliefs/views/opinions, it is "hate?" They practice what they truly believe. It often is based on a sincere concern for people's "souls" and welfare, not because they "hate." Yet, when others (Gays) express THEIR often angry, hostile, opinion/beliefs/views, it's NOT considered "hate?" So what if people don't condone homosexuality? They ARE entitled to their opinions, beliefs, and views aren't they? So what if people are gay or of a different religion or have different opinions? They are entitled to their opinion, beliefs, and views as well! The religious will always pursue what they believe to be righteous or the Godly way. They have that right! The gay community will always push to have the same basic legal rights as heterosexual couples and to be accepted without judgment. (Yes, I believe they should!) They have THAT right! Throughout history, there have always been groups of people who were oppressed and discriminated against. The Native Americans, Christians, women, Afro-Americans, Muslims, Jews, the elderly, the poor, and the list goes on... Gays AND Christians are persecuted for having their beliefs/life styles. In the media, the movies, TV shows, and the business world, I dare say Christians are persecuted and portrayed negatively much more often than gays. Both are persecuted for daring to stand on their sincere heart felt beliefs. Homosexuality is taught in schools and is portrayed in the media everywhere. Yet, creation can't be taught in public schools. Neither can we pray, have a Bible Club, or in some cases, take a Bible to school. We have the ''Gay Parade'' but we don't see a ''Heterosexual/Christian Parade'' do we? It is ironic that BOTH groups, the gays AND Christians/religious have so much in common, yet each are so blinded by their own agendas they can't recognized the hypocrisy. When people have different views, beliefs, or opinions regarding homosexuality, the gay community and media are quick to resort to name calling and insults. Example: Hate mongers, narrow minded, ignorant, homophobic, religious right etc. Yes, name calling isn't restricted to the media and the gay and lesbian community. However, I'm not going to list those names due to their offensive nature. Graffiti, breaking the law, hate speech, retaliation, and the in-your-face approach isn't the way to accomplish change. It's a matter of respect. Respecting each other's opinions, beliefs, and views. Respecting each other as fellow human beings We don't have to agree with each other's views but we need to respect each other's right to have them. I'm not saying to just set back and do nothing. I'm saying to pursue peaceful, mature, civil, and most of all, respectful avenues. I am a Christian. I have gay/lesbian friends whom I adore. When it comes to legal issues regarding equal rights, I march with my gay and lesbian friends/family. When it comes to my spiritual beliefs, I don't judge, for it is not my place. My gay and lesbian friends/family respectfully agree to disagree. We can do this because love and respect come before judgment and hate...regardless of whether you're gay or Christian, religious, or of different opinion.

721 days ago


Well I think he should have been fined a lot more than $400.00, more probation time&community service hours! SMH

721 days ago


they do taste like hate

721 days ago


So apparently, in the US, it's only "Freedom of Speech" if it comes from a liberal's mouth. Everyone else is "hatespeech". It's a two way street libtards. Embrace it or stow it,

721 days ago


I don’t understand this. Not at all. The gays get made at Chik-fil-A because the owner expressed her own opinion when asked a question. She said she doesn’t support same sex marriage. Now the part I don’t get. Majority of the religions out there also do not support it, but gays (especially the ones I know) go to religious services. Again, they go to a church that verbally does not support their lifestyle, but the gays don’t get mad at that. And also, the gays have no problem driving cars. Guess what gays, cars are powered by gasoline. Gasoline comes from Arab nations. Arab nations put gays to death in public execution hangings. But still you guys have no problem filling up at the tank and supporting nation that kill gays. So to sum it up, the gays are against people who don’t support same sex marriage, but financially support countries that kill people just for simple liking someone of the same sex. That just doesn’t make sense to me !

721 days ago

Pompano Ann    

This Southern base company has been around for a very long time and educated people that know this has always been a Christian Base Company. It's a very successful company; and profits are up. Keep bringing them into the spot light. Good Job! Love their commercials Great!!!!

721 days ago


What a dummy, everyone knows cows spell like 'lik'. The cops took one look at it and knew it was not the work of the cows and someone was trying to frame them.

721 days ago


No hate like liberal hate.

As usual.

721 days ago


TMZ, you tried to make it look like he was found not guilty of damaging property. That's not true. He is clearly guilty and will be paying the penalties handed down by the judge. I imagine that jail time, in LA, for a first graffiti conviction, is unheard of. You can't even get jail time in LA for murder.

721 days ago


Tastes like sh*tty "art"

721 days ago


Typical snobby selfish intolerant far-left liberal democrat behavior.
The same behavior the democrats showed against black people throughout history. Beating and murdering them and destroying their homes and belongings.
I'm for gay people being treated with the same rights and respect as anyone else.
But agreeing with gay rights does not include acting like a selfish stupid ass and defacing or destroying other people's property just because they disagree with you.
Same goes for far-right conservative republicans when they interrupt gay rallies or rock concerts and scream at people telling them they're sinners and going to hell for being gay or listening to "devil's music"...stupid.
You want respect, earn it.

721 days ago
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