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'SYTYCD' Judge Mary Murphy

Fights Back Against

$200,000 Judgment

11/10/2012 8:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1110_mary_murphy_article_tmz_2"So You Think You Can Dance" judge Mary Murphy is trying to get a judge to toss out the $200,000 default judgment her former manager won against her this week ... claiming it was a mistake by her lawyer that caused her to lose the case.

As TMZ first reported, Michael Sanchez sued Murphy back in May for lost commissions ... and along the way made some salacious accusations involving sex and drugs.

Earlier this week, Sanchez was awarded $205,160 -- plus 10% of any future earnings Murphy rakes in from SYTYCD -- because she failed to respond to the suit.

But according to docs filed right after the decision, Murphy's lawyer claims the fault lies entirely with her ... claiming she got her dates screwed up and that's why the answer wasn't filed on time.

The lawyer is asking the judge not to hold Murphy responsible for her mistake. The judge has yet to rule.


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Too bad. Judges are much to lenient on removing default judgements. Unless the court system itself is responsible for screwing things up (e.g. not giving proper notice of the court date) a default judgement should stick. I hope her judge tells here to shove it.

678 days ago


judgement should stand cuz murphy shouldn't have hired a scatterbrain lady lawyer

678 days ago


'SYTYCD' = So You Think You Can Default? Sorry Miss Murphey, just have your lawyer pay you back the judgement. All them damn lawyers are rich, look how much money Harvey has :)

678 days ago


IS LINDSEY IN JAIL YET? Because that's all we really care about TMZ

678 days ago


Sue the lawyer.

678 days ago

jenny ruby    

here is the thing I never was told or asked about bee before she was "hired"
I read it afterwards. thats a no-no. No one picks who is my manager but me.
I dont care whose fault it is I did not give anyone permission for bee to get paid, and whomever paid it is in big trouble. any spending has to have my permission. I did not agree to this or have knowledge, if this is a lawyers propblem bee will have to work it out with them but that money comes back to me.

678 days ago


The Lawyer should have learned the first day of law school, Ignorance is no excuse for the law, therfore the judge should affirm the judgement against Marry Murphy.

678 days ago


I know lawyers are only human, but they can't make mistakes like that. It's like a doctor screwing up or forgetting something for surgery. That's your life. Luckily if the judge says no, push comes to shove, she can pay it b/c she's pretty much rich. But the average joe could be bankrupt and homeless if that happened to them

678 days ago


Imagine poking Mary? You could probably hear her in the next state.

678 days ago


Look at the teeth on her, you know she's a biter where it counts ;)

678 days ago


Shes friggin weird.

678 days ago


U snooze u lose.
& that over priced lawyer should have been on top of it!!!

678 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

to bad the law is the law

678 days ago


LMAO. If the lawyer made a mistake stupidity doesn't work, Mary should try this one: "The dog ate my homework." Kinda lame that Mr. I'm a Loser -er- Lawyer doesn't have his reporters explain how ridiculous the "dates screwed up" defense really is. And uh, what about MALPRACTICE? Duh!

678 days ago


This is all a ploy to mask her true guilt...

678 days ago
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