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Justin Bieber Case

Judge Rules Paparazzi Law


11/14/2012 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A judge in the Justin Bieber car chase case just ruled the California paparazzi law -- which prohibits photogs from driving recklessly while trying to shoot pictures of celebs -- is unconstitutional.

The judge was hearing the case of the photog who chased Justin in July on an L.A. freeway.  Witnesses say the cars were traveling at speeds approaching 100 mph. 

The judge tossed out 2 of the 4 criminal counts against photog Paul Raef. The counts that were tossed were based on the new paparazzi law. The judge concluded the law was "problematic" and suppressed legitimate activities by the media.

The ruling will not have an immediate effect because it was handed down by a trial judge. But we're told the L.A. City Attorney will appeal the ruling, and if the appeals court sides with the trial judge it could have a big impact on how paparazzi are prosecuted.


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And this is exactly why the justice system here is so effed up!! When a judge can't even use his brain and see that freedom of the press does not mean that a photographer can do anything and everything they please and put everyones lives in danger just to get a picture of a celebrity.

685 days ago


Only in California. Lindsey and Amanda can come home

685 days ago


So this Judge first wants to wait until an innocent person is killed? What does he mean it is unconstitutional, it is the law that we all follow regarding speed limits and reckless driving.. I understand the first amendment rights, but limiting photogs from endangering the public should not be considered unconstitutional - its like yelling fire in a packed theather. Even Consitutional rights have limits. Example, gun law requirements.

685 days ago

Sean Kelly    

"The ruling will not have an immediate effect because it was handed down by a trial judge. But we're told the L.A. City Attorney will appeal the ruling, and if the appeals court sides with the trial judge it could have a big impact on how paparazzi are prosecuted.'

Ummm Harv... that on-line law degree failing you again? This was not a civil court judge. This was a municipal court judge handling criminal complaints against motorists... this is not one of your People's Court judges who are simply actors not really required to follow the law, this was a REAL judge interrupting the law relative to California's constitution. And, until someone challenges the law and it is upheld by a higher court, this judge's decision becomes law. There does not have to be a challenge by the City Attorney - not even sure what a civil attorney would have to say about a criminal complaint that reflects state law. I believe that an appeal would have to be filed by the attorney general to have standing in this issue. Quit advising your high-school educated gossip mongers with your People's Court view of the law. I have listened to these buffoons spout legal jargon that they must have gotten from you that bear no resemblance to law before and it is quite laughable.... Harv.. you were and still are an entertainment attorney.... leave real lawyering to those that ACTUALLY practice real law.

685 days ago


When did Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake do this shi t ? SPOILED CANADIAN SH IT. DYKE LOOKING DORK......ugh.

685 days ago


Send Her back to Canada...

685 days ago


the lil beaver is a mean lil prick tho, my friend works at a store that the lil beaver comes into and the lil beaver is mean to mom's that want to take a photo for their daughters. the same Mom's that fork out the cash to buy beaver stuff for their daughters, who incidentally have unformed brains .. in the real world the lil beaver is a mean lil beaver boy !

685 days ago

kendra bethune    

i don't think about big time rush and justin bieber all morning like some girls i'm 35 i'd like to thank tmz for talking to me while i was 33 and 34 and thought about rider stong alot i had eye allgeries than and watched madonna take a bow that was on my mind

685 days ago


The 'judge' sounds like a complete and total idiot. What was this? A traffic court?? His ruling makes as much legal sense as Locohan still being out of jail. Time to check that judges actual legal license and possible fraudulent college degree.

685 days ago


I am not a Justin Bieber fan however I also am not a fan of a crazed paparazzi driving recklessly to get a picture.

683 days ago


The Judge saying the "paparazzi law" was problematic and suppressed legitamate activities by the media is absurd. It isn't legitamate driving down the road chasing someone for a pic. Then the person being chased speeds up to lose the paprazzi so now you have 2 people driving recklessly. That chase could have ended in a horrific crash with Bieber, the paparazzi, or even an innocent motorist killed.

683 days ago

Crystal vaughsn    

Paparazzi are going to kill a celebrity one day

683 days ago

kendra bethune    

this is ridiculous channel 7 abc can't even get infromation right i'm not pregant or taking it off no one when i was sleep earlier they made my mother cry by bringing up the fact i brought the posion album i will say i did and i heard it all through and threw it away after nickel which was crazy and i am talking aganist it cause obama and people want it not metioned i said no devoe canot sleepwith me which is the case and no i'm not a big bell biv devoe fan taking it i even simply it for biography so they can see and i'm not dead i just woke up 3 mintues later 10;15 november 17th

681 days ago


I guess nobody learned anything from how Princess Di was hounded by the media and ultimately died in a car wreck after being chased by paparazzi.

The judge in this case needs a firm smack upside the head.

681 days ago
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