Winklevoss Twins We Still Believe In Facebook

11/14/2012 11:55 AM PST

Winklevoss Twins -- We Still Believe in Facebook


The Winklevoss twins may have sued Mark Zuckerberg, claiming he was a fraud and a thief ... but they believe in him enough to hold on to almost all the stock they have in the company, even though they're now legally entitled to unload it.

The twins own close to 6 million shares of FB stock -- now worth around $125 mil -- and they were free to trade their stock starting today. But we've learned ... they will only unload $1 million worth of stock, which they will use as seed money to fund their new venture --  an e-commerce website called The website tracks your favorite products and alerts you when they go on sale.

FB stock is now trading at an anemic $22.15 -- a far cry from the $38 IPO price.

Nonetheless, you could say the twins still believe in Mark Zuckerberg.  

We reached out to the Twins for comment -- so far, no word back ... from either of 'em.