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Full Bieber LOCKDOWN

11/15/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Bieber's gonna have a tough time getting back with Selena Gomez -- 'cause we've learned she's gone to Defcon 1 when it comes to cutting JB out of her life! Is she just playing head games?

Plus, Robert De Niro chews out Jay-Z for failing to return his phone call -- which, naturally, begs the question ... who's the real king of NYC?

Also, Michael Lohan joins us to talk about his televised paternity test. Yep, LiLo's got another new sibling.

(0:00) Selena Gomez is completely cutting Justin Bieber out of her life -- even blocking him on Facebook. Yep, it just got real, folks.
(6:00) Art imitates life -- a plot line on "Modern Family" totally mirrors what's happening in Ariel Winter's life.
(10:00) The General Petraeus scandal is great news for one porn star -- who happens to share the same name as one of the women involved.
(14:00) A news anchor calls Rachel Maddow an "angry young man" -- and Harvey is pissed off because he sees it as a knock on her sexuality.
(18:00) Michael Lohan calls in to talk about the televised paternity test he took -- that proved he's the father of a 17-year-old girl. You gotta see the awkward moment that occurred when the girl found out he was her father.
(24:00) A feud erupts between Robert De Niro and Jay-Z -- which begs the question ... who's the bigger star in NYC?
(29:10) Jason Aldean marches his wife out on TV and says that their relationship is fine after his cheating scandal. His wife does not look like she shares the same sentiment.
(33:00) Harvey is sick of politicians fawning over celebrities -- after Jada Pinkett Smith made an appearance to raise awareness for human trafficking.
(37:10) It's that time again -- Tim's worst pitches of the week.
(41:00) The floor is yours!

No Avatar


Rachel Maddow is a despicable lying sexist idiot....but she hasn't quite reached the useless filth level of Nancy Pelosi :D

707 days ago


It's a good thing that Harvey doesn't hang around my group. No matter who you are, or what your sexual preference is, if you whine like a woman we simply say "You go, girlfriend" and that's for any gay man too. What's wrong with calling them out. I don't see that statement referring to her AS a young man, just comparing her to one. Harvey, the drama queen, you go, girlfriend.

707 days ago


Rachel Maddow does look like a guy, the way she dresses and her hair etc...Who cares if she is gay or not, its the way she chooses to look, like a guy.

707 days ago


Maybe the comment was based on the fact there is nothing particularly feminine about Maddow.

707 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Harvey... be less sensitive against gay and lesbian comments and more sensitive to what raquel spews

707 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Leave Thisha Macke alone, she's a respected figure here in Cincinnati, she's a mother of like 8 kids, and a career woman she's also Beautiful. so STFU Harvey, you're being biased only cuz it's a gay thing!
Blah, Blah, BLAHHHH!
I'm a woman & i'd have Trisha Macke over that fugly Maddow with the anger problem ANYDAY!

707 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Moron is offensive to stupid people Harvey...Please apologize

707 days ago


Harvey, I call myself a lesbian and I'm not. Guess I'll have to smackdown myself.

707 days ago


Harvey makes fun of fat people almost on a daily basis and encourages others to do so...but insult a gay person and he's outraged??

707 days ago


Oh, someone please put Harvey in his place.

707 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

good call... dude with photo. Harvey is a heartless ****... and he is wrong wrong wrong

707 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

It IS the same thing Harvey.. HYPOCRIT!
YOU compared Maddow to a guy TOO!
Hahahahahaaa! You bit YOUR OWN tongue there didnt ya!

707 days ago


Rush Limbaughy? Now Harvey owes Limbaugh an apology.

707 days ago


I'm completely offended by what Harvey used as an excuse for his "HUMOR" on TMZ. You cannot be outraged at one thing, and then turn and do the same. This isn't do as I say, not as I do.

707 days ago


Maybe there was a gay insult intended, but I didn't see it as that when I first read it.
One of our grandmothers said this about Rachel Maddow the first time she saw her on TV: "He's a handsome young man".
She thought Rachel was a dude, no anti-gay intentions.

707 days ago
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