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Lindsay Lohan

New Half-Sister

Is News to Me

11/16/2012 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


BRAVO! Lindsay Lohan's such a brilliant actress ... she nearly convinced the world today that she didn't know about her newly-announced 17-year-old half-sister -- claiming, "I don't pay attention to any of that."

Of course, the news was everywhere yesterday after TMZ broke the story -- Lindsay's dad Michael Lohan took a paternity test for a 17-year-old girl named Ashley ... and the results came back positive.

But today on "Good Morning America" -- where Lindsay was trying to promote her new movie "Liz & Dick" -- she had the audacity to say, "I didn't even hear that."

And we weren't born yesterday ... just like Lindsay's previously-fatherless sister.


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I believe her because anything is possible in Obama's Amerika.

615 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

TMZ, please put the link to the full website back on the mobile site. Thank you.

615 days ago


In true Lohan family fashion....Deny, Deny, Deny.

615 days ago


Lindsay's lip implants are hideous! I but you could wet her lips and smack them against the wall and they'd stick like a suction cup.

615 days ago


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615 days ago


I'm trying my best Jill

Latest news from

"The troubled actress had hoped her role as the late screen legend in upcoming TV movie Liz & Dick would turn her career around, but the film has been branded "an awful mess" in an early review by Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter."

615 days ago


Yikes... I didn't realize what the Hollywood Reporter was, but this article states it's a leading trade publication. Not good for Lindsay:

Lindsay Lohan's comeback in a TV biopic about Elizabeth Taylor has been slammed by a critic for one of Hollywood's leading trade publications.

The actress had hoped her role as the late screen legend in upcoming TV movie Liz & Dick would turn her career around, but the film has been branded "an awful mess" in an early review by Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter.

Goodman compares the drama, about the Cleopatra star's tumultuous relationship with Richard Burton, to a spoof sketch on Saturday Night Live and calls the Mean Girls star "woeful as Taylor from start to finish."

He adds, "The talking part doesn't turn out so well for Lohan. There is not one minute in this film where she's believable," and claims one of the most dramatic scenes is "like a high school play."

615 days ago


Just like her Dad! A flippin LIAR!!!

615 days ago


Pardon? "My hair was red at the time, I just cut it off and dyed it dark, when I put the wig on and transformed into that, it was a really, incredible feeling that shocked people 'on set' which felt really cool."

Uh, why 'cut it off' and 'dye' it if you're going to wear a wig? We all know her 'truths' are far fetched but even her LIES make no sense . . .

615 days ago


Love how Lohan says she's reading scripts all the time. Funny how no one is sending her scripts. Plus she's too busy partying to read anything.

Grant Bowler was on Fox this morning and he really didn't have anything good or bad about Lohan, just they were able to get it done. Meaning in a polite way she was a major pain in the butt and horrible to work with.

Damn, she looks more and more horrible every day. Did she get her cheek implants reblown up? For pushing 27 she looks very bad. The make-up, hair extensions, floppy hats and oversized sunglasses aren't working.

615 days ago


Hecklerspray on The Canyons:

"It’s such a shame because she could act – and then drugs and drink caught up with poor Lindsay. Post-Winehouse, she’s the star the general public worry most about. She’s not a happy sloppy drunk like Rihanna: she looks wild, out-of-control and a little ill all the time.

She doesn’t turn up to movie shoots (which has cost her a job at least once before); she has the ruddy, chubby look of someone whose face is filled with booze. And she’s left starring in a film where either the action is so thin or the acting so un-salvageable that they’ve had to disguise it in the trailer with gimmickry."

615 days ago


Lindsay....Please STOP F***** with your face. That's all.

615 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

She got more sh1t put in her lips. She looks like she's a well-used 40 year old.

615 days ago

Red Cloud    

"No matter what you think of the script (which is a medium-grade made-for-TV movie), the look of the piece carries it. No matter what you think of the actors (Lohan as Taylor, Brant Bowler as Burton), the great period stylings, not to mention "Cleopatra"-period costumes, make this jewel-encrusted, ****tail-soaked, often tragic saga a rip-roaring good time."
"Lohan is stunning (in violet contact lenses) as Liz, if unbelievable when talking about her weight problem. Bowler, a New Zealander, is dashing as the Welshman Burton. They hint at the right chemistry".

Read more: Lindsay Lohan is gorgeous as Taylor in "Liz and Dick" TV movie - The Denver Post
Poor, poor haters are desperately hoping the movie flops. WTF, of course it will get some bad reviews and some good reviews. Should I and others be so stupid as to assume there are no silly haters in the entertainment industry who would like to see Lindsay take a fall??? Doesn't matter. The movie will be watched many times by many humans. It just occurred to me. Haters can't stand the fact that Lindsay can act because haters cpuld never do what Lindsay does. The fact that she can memorize pages and pages of dialogue is what really pizzes you off. Is that it? LOL!!!!!

615 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

"Silver Lining Playbook" with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Nero comes out this weekend. Critics are giving it high ratings and no, LieLo is not cast in the movie. Hence the high ratings.

615 days ago
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