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Ariel Winter Case

Children Services Says

Mom Should Lose Custody

11/20/2012 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A stunning development in the Ariel Winter case -- the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services has issued a blistering report against the "Modern Family" star's mom, saying the judge should strip her of custody and award a permanent guardianship to Ariel's older sister.

The DCFS report concludes Chrystal Workman, Ariel's mom, committed emotional abuse against her 14-year-old daughter.  As for the physical abuse claim, DCFS said the evidence is "inconclusive."

DCFS feels the situation is so dire, it planned to go to Dependency Court to make Ariel a ward of the state.  However, DCFS officials decided to give the judge in the current case a chance to award Ariel's sister, Shanelle Gray, a permanent guardianship.

Chrystal's lawyer suggested Shanelle had ulterior motives -- i.e., a money grab -- but the judge shut that argument down.

At one point during the hearing, Shanelle's lawyer told the court ... she wants Ariel and her parents to begin family therapy sessions as soon as possible.

The report also says Ariel is articulate and has credibility and that weighed in the conclusions.

The judge must now set a trial date to determine if he will create the permanent guardianship.


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Miller Cerasuolo    

Ariel Winter, child star of the hit show Modern Family, is at the center of a battle for her guardianship. Her mother, Chrystal Workman, is facing accusations from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services regarding emotional abuse of Ariel. Ariel’s father, Glenn Workman, has offered to assume custody of Ariel and her sister, Shanelle Gray, is willing to continue her temporary guardianship of Ariel. Gray, who has had numerous financial issues in the past, including a bankruptcy filing in 2000, now owns an actor’s studio in Los Angeles. In Virginia, if allegations of child abuse are made and determined to be founded by the State, a parent can lose custody of his or her child. At that point, a guardian would be necessary to ensure the welfare of the minor child. In this case, it appears that Ariel’s father is willing to assume custody. A court will need to determine if Ariel’s father is an appropriate custodian or if Ariel’s sister should be granted permanent guardianship.

668 days ago


Some of you out have no concept of hardship. Wake up! Stop living off celebrities glory and realize them for who they are. Power hungry individuals. "Best wishes to Ariel. Stay strong and keep moving forward". Pfffft. Like she can here you. Look at pathetic. I'm liberal but seriously, there's been such a decline in morals these days in Hollywood especially. I admit I probably don't know everything about this particular case so I won't comment further on it but the ignorance about CPS on this page made me make an account. I've worked for a congressional office and the number of calls we get about CPS Fraud in a day is ridiculous. At one point, half the calls were CPS. Yes, some of these people were loony but some were very well educated, had doctors notes, and had proof of cronyism in the CPS courts. To those out there who think CPS is a "good" program, you're sorely mistaken. The root of the problem is they don't assess things on a case by case basis appropriately. They simply hear one small accusation (sometimes they manipulate the children as well) and they go all out! They're too hyperactive! Might as well make it law that every accusation (disregarding validity) should be taken seriously and children should be removed immediately and then cut the government program (yes I'm still a liberal). The system just doesn't work! Why? Because the social workers who work for CPS are essentially "incentivized" to start the most cases per day. That's what gets them the pay check. Either make it so they're paid based on the validity of their work (which is hard to measure) or just stop the program. In a way, it's analogous to the healthcare corruption we experienced in the mid 2000's. Families should not be able to broken up in the manner that they are today. I don't care if I sound conservative! At least I have a conscious. The rest of you may have one too but have probably never done anything with C.P.S. in your life. From the outside it might all look fine but really when you get down to it...CPS is one of the worst government programs out there. Even Wikipedia which tries to be unbiased acknowledges several criticisms:

When the wikipedia page has more criticism of CPS than the actual description of it that tells you something.

650 days ago
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