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Mayor to Kardashians

'Here's the Key to Our City'

11/20/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian received the keys to North Miami yesterday ... in a ceremony that reportedly started AN HOUR after it was supposed to ... because the girls were running late.

When they finally made it to the ceremony, Kim and Kourtney thanked the city for the honor ... and for allowing them to shoot their reality show in town.

North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre introduced the girls ... and remarked, "What can you say about the Kardashians that we don't already know? Three of the hardest working people in the business ... Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney ... we are honored by your presence."

Khloe was not at the ceremony -- she's in L.A. shooting "X Factor."

The Kardashians aren't the only celebs to have the key -- the honor is also shared by Wyclef and Disney star Adam Irigoyen.

11:50 AM PT -- Despite reports to the contrary, sources close to the K-sisters tell us ... Kim and Kourtney insist they were NOT late to the ceremony.

We're told the girls are adamant they were at the location at "noon sharp" ... and were hanging out with the mayor in his office.


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as a non american.. i really dont understand why on earth these people are famous.. seriously? what the hell do they do all day.. i really dont understand why americans put people like this up on a pedestal.. if you wanna worship someone.. at least worship someone who does something.. and is famous for something other than being famous.. their show lasted 2 eps in my country as noone gives a sh%t about these people.

640 days ago


Look at those losers and they're supposed to be in charge of a city? After worshiping that idiot Kim? i have never seen such a pointless thing done. Wow, dumb people.

640 days ago


Why. . Idiot mayor the K clan is of no value to the city or the mayor

640 days ago


Who did they do to get that? What do they really do?

640 days ago


What in the entire f u c k? Really? Kardashians are getting praises? I'm sorry but what the hell. They are merely family members of a porn star. I don't get it. Yet, real hard working people are getting no where. Pathetic.

640 days ago


Oh, and of course the mayor is a black man. That tells me everything I needed to know.

640 days ago


the only "hard working" kardashian is the pimp mother who sets up all these publicity stunts for her daughters, i wouldn't trade my mother for theirs in a million years, true they got the fame and fortune but look at the way they have to degrade themselves in order to keep it

640 days ago


Why would you give someone who is famous for getting F@##$ by a b lister the key to the city?

640 days ago

Kardashian Ass    

These idiots were looking for the door all week.

640 days ago


The KarTRASHIAN black dick suckers got a key to the black mayor's appartment. The pimp mother KarTrashian has set it all up well for these two media whores. Disgusting. The most useless and stupid beings on Earth. Everyone must personally ban their stinky life updates and never buy anything that they support or advertise !!!

640 days ago


Keep it in a dark moist place.

640 days ago


Great job!

638 days ago

tina k    

I'm a lifelong resident of North Miami. This is not the City of Miami. When I heard about this I said WTF? This is the most corrupt and criminal Mayor and Council this city has ever had. Mayor and 2 council members are Haitian. Two are white guys. Only 1 decent guy is Scott Galvin. We have a 3-2 vote for everything the 3 want to ram through. Mayor is a self promoting dictator who has divided this city or his own personal gain. Just like the K sisters. Bribery, free luxury cars, free houses for family members, privitazed our garbage collection and gave it to the mob, using city goods and services w/o paying for them, giving friends and family members no bid contracts, flashing police badges to get out of trouble, installing cameras in the mayors office because his honor was being investigated, taking contributions for their various "non profits" as payment for favors ie votes, nepotism, the list is endless. State Atty doesn't bring charges because they take money from the same people. Tons of do***ented evidence on the criminal activity but these guys are Teflon. So sad what has become of my city. There is so much more and gets worse every day. Mayor term limited out May 2013, if there is anything left to salvage but the damage has been done and there is no going back. It's disgusting but not surprising. Good luck to us.

638 days ago
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