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Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta

Kim Kardashian

Ain't My Problem

11/21/2012 11:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has made it clear ... he doesn't give a crap about Kim Kardashian

Panetta was out in D.C. last night when we asked about the question on everyone's mind regarding the Middle East -- is it safe for Kim to visit Kuwait?!!!?

Panetta shook his head at the question ... which either means NO, it's not a good idea ... or WHY THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE ASKING ME ABOUT KIM KARDASHIAN?

She's a national treasure, Leon ... a national treasure.


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News Flash     

KloeHo KarTrashian sucks on X factor! I can't stand to watch or hear her. She asked contestants the stupidest questions.

679 days ago

News Flash     

Kim Ks **** brings peace in Middle East.

679 days ago

News Flash     

I said tw@t Tw@t Tw@t Tw@t

679 days ago


The Only thing that kk is a treasure of is a 2 bit whore house... End of Story...

679 days ago


please take out the trash as in trashadians iim sick of these useless talentless dirtbags

679 days ago


OMG......all she does is travel, change cloths and smile. She doesn't speak, had no clue about anything. Just a over paid bubble head. And fear lord

679 days ago


Continued........and dear lord, if she wear those leather pants one more time ugh. Go have 10 seats kim kartrashian

679 days ago


Whoever the staffer at TMZ was that wrote that Kim is a "national treasure" can go with KIm and stay the hell over there in the middle east, you are a freaking idiot. Kim and the rest of the Kardashians are totally worthless, just like all the Lohans

679 days ago

just because    

f&^k the security guard...'s haircut

679 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

5. Due to the significant importance of this national security issue, the Secretary cannot disclose or acknowledge any official involvement at this time

679 days ago

Gsharon 710    

TMZ you can always try to make something out of nothing. SINCE you insist on flooding your site with KK news, I will do the reminder part. KIM KARDASHIAN is a loose woman with a horse looking ass, who let men disrespect her by pissing on her, allows a sex tape to be sold for money, rumored to have used a stolen credit card, got married and seperated quicker than quick, sooner than already, wears see through clothes with no underwear, knows she have young siblings who could take on her behavior or be bullied by others, has a mother who cares more about money than her children, a stepfather who's more concerned about his cheating wife than his minor children, and no doubt got his face fixed because the mama bear made him do it, always threatning to sue, and gives more rides than a greyhound bus. People can change. I know KK has a great idea about how people think of her, yet she does nothing to correct her nasty ways. God bless those younger children.
I'll bet Mama bear has not spoken to her older daughters ONE time about their public behavior, except to give them a high 5. YES the younger children ARE in danger, now come sue me.

679 days ago


Nobody gives a crap about that no-talent fatass.

679 days ago


go away trashadians you people are a disgrace your talentless brainless useless bunch of morons

679 days ago


Kim K is anything but a national treasure, she and her entire family make the US look bad. They are filthy rich because slut Kim made a sex video, something her deceased father is probably flipping over in his grave about. They are all trash, ego inflated, money hungry, no talent, no redeeming qualities at whores!

679 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

So Paneta doesn,t think much about Kim Kardashian??? He better RE-THINK this--- Because, the reason why this country is on the DECLINE, is because OUR YOUNG and BRILLIANT kids know more about celebrities than they know about what the HELL is going on in this world today--- Most of our young people could name evry Judge on the American Idol, Dancing with the Stars or Voices--BUT could not name the name of ONE SUPREME COURT JUDGE!!!! Hollywood B--l S--T controls their lives, thats all they are interested in- Famous A--HOLES on TV!!! Sick, isnt it???

678 days ago
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