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Mayim Bialik and Husband

To Divorce

11/21/2012 1:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1121_mayim_bialik_article_divorce_tmz_gettyMayim Bialik and her husband are getting divorced.

Mayim, who stars in "The Big Bang Theory," cites "irreconcilable differences" in her 9 year marriage to Michael Stone.

The couple has 2 kids. They've talked about how they allow their kids to sleep in the same bed with them.

Mayim, who previously starred in "Blossom," released a statement on her website saying, "The hands-on style of parenting we practice played no role in the changes that led to this decision," adding, "relationships are complicated no matter what style of parenting you choose."

And she says, "The main priority for us now is to make the transition to two loving homes as smooth and painless as possible.  Our sons deserve parents committed to their growth and health and that's what we are focusing on."


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Jay W.     

Mayim is one cool girl. Only wish her the best!

701 days ago


Well, the courted, then married when she wasn't making a star comeback on a wildly popular T. V. series. I'm going to just assume, which I shouldn't, but I will in this case, he's probably frustrated with the amount of time she's away from home while filming. It's not easy for a man to be referred to as a STAY AT HOME Dad. He knew she was a child star and actress, I'll just bet he wasn't expecting this in the future.

701 days ago

Robert J. Goatse    

She's an ugly person who has admitted not shaving her armpits, moustache or legs. She spends day and night arguing about how great being jewish is and how horrible Palestinians are. She sleeps with her children and breastfeeds them. They are like 6 years old. No wonder her husband wanted nothing to do with her. I applaud his decision.

701 days ago


While I don't have a problem with how anyone raises their kids, to call this couple's methods 'hands-on' infers that anyone who doesn't share the family bed with the babies and breastfeed on demand are "hands-off" parents. Kinda holier-than-thou, don't you think?

701 days ago


She is happy, ......two kids, that is all that matters.

701 days ago


I wish her the best!

701 days ago


The Kids are the important thing, as long as you remember that all will be good!

701 days ago


Her kid still breast feeding at 6 years old

701 days ago


sure the kids played a part. I only have 1, and letting him sleep with us even 2-3 times per week when he wakes at night nearly killed our marriage. intimacy straight out the window. instead of a divorce, they need a babysitter and a bedroom door lock. sometimes i think she can be illogical and not think things through. i had my baby the same night as her in the same hospital. she had been in labor for more than 10 hours trying to have the baby at home with some sort of midwife? her husband forced her to go to the hospital and when she arrived I heard stasff saying they couldn't believe how much pain she was in because she waited so long.

701 days ago


This is what happens when you put your children above your marriage. You need couple time with your spouse and then you can provide a happy home for your children.

701 days ago


It's the attachment parenting she practices. The husband became detached.

701 days ago

just because    


701 days ago


This is the same idiot that still t!tty feeds her son at age 8 or is it 6...when your kid pulling and asking to suck your t!ts in full complete sentence, it's time to stop!

701 days ago


There was a NYT op-ed piece years ago where the woman said her marriage was more important than her children and she caught a lot of flack for it. She eventually wound up on Oprah to talk about it further. I remember reading the piece and thinking to myself, she's absolutely right. A healthy marriage leads to a healthy family, generally speaking. And a healthy marriage requires time and attention.

701 days ago


Are you kidding me? her husband is foolish enough to let her go? She is awesome in every possible way. Looks, brains, personality. We are talking dream girl here!

I am happy to see that I am not the only one who has always thought Miss Bialik is the ultimate woman. I am attracted to her mind (which is a amazing) but to all of her attributes (her body is to die for!). She is the manifestation of the perfect girl to me and always will be! To Mayim with Love!

700 days ago
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