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Rihanna & Chris Brown

The Wrong One

Goes Topless

11/25/2012 4:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125_bed_twitterThey're like Justin and Selena ... but with protective orders. Chris Brown and Rihanna were on again ... off again ... and now apparently on again.

RiRi just tweeted this pic Saturday night of CB kickin' it half-naked in bed -- bare-chested with his drawers out -- then posted it for her 26 million Twitter followers.

It's the latest in their never-ending relationship saga ... as TMZ previously reported the two have been spending more and more time together in public, including Thanksgiving -- where they partied it up at the same German nightclub.

So we ask ...


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Truth is    

Low watts

699 days ago


RIHIANNA IS JUST A YOUNG TALENTED WHORE She will never be happy Because she's Empty inside She trying to fill that void!

699 days ago


This is just silly now

699 days ago


it not about her being with him to her... its how she loves provoking the people.. she knows that this will bring drama.. STUPID woman

699 days ago


Clearly , they are young and in Love! Best wishes and nosey folks out your business...

699 days ago

Sweet Sade    

I still don't understand why she is back with him. He beat the **** outta her and she is stupid enough to go back with him.

699 days ago


so trashy

699 days ago

maybe she beat him unconscious?

699 days ago


Hey Rihanna you're a pathetic wh*re. Do us all a favor - when this sc*mbag beats the sh*t out of you again don't waste the courts time with pressing charges, or the hospitals time with getting treatment, whatever you get you deserve.

699 days ago


Why not just post a sex tape? It would be more interesting and we all know they are doing it. Stupid girl!

699 days ago


I felt really bad for her when she was beaten and victimized by him. When it happens again, I wont feel sorry for her. He is obviously is still living the "thug life" with his brawling in night clubs. Most men that beat women do not change and she will once again be at the receiving end of his abuse. Some people get off on all the drama and these seem like 2 off those people. They may be rich in material items but they are dirt poor when it come to self respect and moral values. Very sad existence.

699 days ago


Let's give it a break folks ! These two are young . They were young when the incident occurred . It's never okay to hit anyone in a relationship .. But if she's willing to move passed it and forgive him than so be it! Everyone's calling her a "dumb whore "and "just wait until he beats you again .. " that's wack! Lol If you don't like it why pay attention .. Let this young man and woman live their lives.. People make mistakes .. They learn .. They grow .. And move on now it's time for the world to let that ish go! Stop waiting on him to beat beat her again .. Lol that's just cruel and unusual .. Get off their nutz

699 days ago


Unfortunately I can, and I speak as a Rihanna fan. She is just partying too much and she cannot get over Chris. Rihanna needs to take inspiration from her friend Cheryl who got on with her life and forgot her ex-love, even though it broke her heart. Rihanna owes it to her fans to forget Chris. The first cut is the deepest but she must move on. Chris is vile s***, she is too good for him in every way. She can still forgive him but she does not need to be with him. However, Whitney did have a child with Bobby so it was harder for her to break ties than it will be for Rihanna.

699 days ago


To all the pseudo codependency experts clutching their pearls - IT'S HER LIFE!!

699 days ago


its one thing to go back to the man who beat you up, its another to post pics flaunting it.... was this for karrueche? she's not the one looking like an ass, rihanna, you are....

699 days ago
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