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Angus T. Jones

Silent Standoff

On 'Men'

11/27/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angus T. Jones is in showbiz limbo, because he hasn't quit "Two and a Half Men" and show execs haven't fired him after he trashed the show ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with "Men" tell TMZ ... all of the execs on the show and at Warner Bros. have seen Angus' video, in which he calls the sitcom "filth" and asks the audience to boycott. 

We've learned Angus -- who rakes in $300,000 an episode -- has not contacted any of the show honchos to express his intentions, nor have any of his reps done the same. Although Angus says in the video he doesn't want to be on the show anymore, that message has not been conveyed to show execs.

On the other side, we've learned Chuck Lorre, the brains behind the show, has not played his hand ... even to Warner Bros. executives. 

Today could be telling, because there's a scheduled rehearsal this AM. It's unclear if Angus is supposed to be there, but if he's a no-show his absence could be the first step toward the door.


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Pretty ignorant after he made millions of dollars off the so-called filth.

664 days ago


Goodbye career....goodbye kid. You are an idiot on and off the show

664 days ago


OK "Jake", here's the deal: If you really want to get right with your maker all you have to do is quit. It's easy -- you wake up one morning and you don't go in -- you wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last. Because if, as you believe, "there's no messing around with eternity" a network lawsuit is exactly the last thing you need to be worrying about. Seriously bro, how do you think St. Peter will react to you telling him "I knew it was filth and I was damning a nation to hell but I was under contract"? Anecdotal evidence (well, evidence isn't really the right word, but OK) would suggest he'd toss your filthy self to the fiery pit quicker than you could say Madeline Murray O'Hair (whom, by the way, your as likely to meet as St. Peter. Don't understand? Watch the the last 2 minutes of "The Sopranos" for a far more accurate depiction of what "eternity" is really all about). And, oh yeah, the millions you've made? That's not gonna help your cause with Petey either. How about doing some good in THIS world and donating it all to your church's orphanage or some equally worthy worldly cause?

664 days ago


If this show is "filth" what is Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

664 days ago


ungrateful azz.hole! give all your $ to your cult and go live under a bridge.

664 days ago

all about the money    

Meh Chuck Lore took Charlie out he can take this punk out too. Didn't I see something about the kids character going AWOL from the army or something. Well there ya go Chuck...arrest him for going AWOL and since we are in a "time of war" just have him executed.

664 days ago


Easy- make his character gay on the show and have a boyfriend he has to hold hands with each episode

664 days ago


Young Mr Jones is going to be very surprised when what might have been a promising career is shown the door on "Men" and just about anywhere else. He's also going to be completely surprised when the realizes that The Reverend Svengali has taken all of his earnings, leaving him to live on residuals and welfare for the rest of his life. Buh bye Angus, it's been fun.

664 days ago


This kid is hooked up with a cult. He needs some intervention before he Ives his money to these people and ends up on the street.

664 days ago


I hope the show reaches out to help this boy and doesn't just cut him off. He hasn't handled himself well for sure, but it seems like something is going on there, whether its brainwashing or not, I just hope some help is offered to him.

664 days ago


Aw, come on. Who didn't know he was heading that way after seeing him in DC with a bunch of right-wingers? And who was that creepy guy sitting next to him?

664 days ago


They made you famous and rich...and you're just going to trash them? Typical Hollywood trash himself. No one would care about you if it weren't for Men.. So show some appreciation

664 days ago


I have never watched the show, I've only seen clips. I often wondered how it would affect the kid on the show. It is filthy. I say, good for him, he has stayed off drugs and has seen that wrong is wrong and right is right. Hollywood has corrupted many people with their "anything goes" attitude. It is time they take responsibility for their programming and dispense with the filth. Charlie Sheen is no role model, or that jerk, Ashton.

664 days ago


Yuck. Talk about being brainwashed.

664 days ago


I wonder how much he truly hates the show when he's cashing the paycheck.

664 days ago
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