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Dustin Hoffman

Hillary Clinton WILL Be

Our Next President!

12/4/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton WILL be the next President of the U.S. ... at least if Dustin Hoffman gets his way.

Dustin was out in DC yesterday when we asked if he'd ever co-star alongside Hillary in a movie ... now that she plans to leave her post as SoS -- and Dustin replied, "No ... because I think she'll be IN office."

It took a second for our cameraman to pick up on Dustin's insinuation ... but it couldn't have been any clearer -- Dustin's voting Hillary in 2016.


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if she gets in i may have to seriously think about finding a new country to live in.

632 days ago


If Clinton were to win the Presidency, you will see Ex-Pats living all over the world while the U.S. is left with nothing but the lazy mental midgets who keep voting these entitlement big government morons into office. Slowly destroying the country one election at a time.

632 days ago


If Hillary Clinton runs for President in 2016 I'll Vote for a Republican.

632 days ago

Rick LaChapelle    

Let me see here; she turned a blind eye to a cheating, lying husband. Helped to cover up the murder of 4 Americans in Libya. Yep. that's who I want as our next president! But then again, she MIGHT be an improvement over what we have now!

632 days ago


Hillary Clinton vs Mitt Romney. Romney would win.

632 days ago

juggalo 6    

The last election was such a fraud that it would not surprise me. Welcome to the new America. You lib tards and Hollywood Jews asked for it, so now you get it.

632 days ago


Said one washed-up has been about another.

632 days ago


We can only hope this is true . . . Bring back Billery in 2016!!!

632 days ago


She should be President Now...instead of the azzwipe we have in there...only reason Obuma got elected was because every ghetto black person who never voted decided he was good for them...and where are they still....In The Ghetto struggling much more then when he wasnt president

632 days ago


better dust off that..hillary will NEVER be president of anything.She has NEVER been ellected to ANY office in her any of her lifeTIME`s warners.There are much better DEMs to fill ROCkos shoe after he leaves.Hillary was a major mistake as a state dept fluck up lefterover of billarys BOzo impeachment stickie burgers.Frankel would be a real ellected possible.If hillary EVER runs for ANY office she will loose big time as she has never been ellected only a smitty apointed fluck tup.SORRY my olf freind dusty your way wrong and she is harming the DEMs not building them up

632 days ago


THATS like saying lets re-apoint a removed BOZO billary.NOT in a FREE country will a apointed once removed hillary of billary EVER be ellected.She muffed up her apoint even thats why she has been removed.JOHN KERRY or lois frankle or both could WIN as they have MOST of thier lifes.Hillary would ruin anything for anyone as a ellected sorry dust your dirty dirt dirt dirt also? ellected or apointed as a actor?

632 days ago


she's trying to wash off the benghazi blood from her hands by acting like it didn't happen.

she should be given the same level of protection they were.

632 days ago


If only a JEWIsh person is NOT a actor than it could be a winner if thye were also pre ellected.You don`t know your spitz in ticks dust stick to acting and clowing for BIG EYE~SS^^^

632 days ago



632 days ago


LOUIS FRANKLE & JOHN Hairy kerry could win easy.BILL&HILL are leftovers obama had to get out of his tail lamps.WHITEWASH royals murduch classisms are over DUDE DUST!.puppet actors kichen cabinet puppet goverments are DOA

632 days ago
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