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Dustin Hoffman

Hillary Clinton WILL Be

Our Next President!

12/4/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton WILL be the next President of the U.S. ... at least if Dustin Hoffman gets his way.

Dustin was out in DC yesterday when we asked if he'd ever co-star alongside Hillary in a movie ... now that she plans to leave her post as SoS -- and Dustin replied, "No ... because I think she'll be IN office."

It took a second for our cameraman to pick up on Dustin's insinuation ... but it couldn't have been any clearer -- Dustin's voting Hillary in 2016.


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What else did you expect Hollywood dumba$$ to say?

688 days ago


Its the illuminati who decide everything. They run the world.

688 days ago


Yes please run Hillary!!! Visit my FB page Hillary Clinton 2016!!/pages/Hillary-Clinton-2016/491581760...863155

688 days ago

Don Martin    

You are right Dustin ....president of teh Senior Discount Club.....


688 days ago


She's not qualified to be President. She wasn't qualified to be Secretary of State and did nothing spectacular the entire time she served in that post. She just traveled around the world looking like a tired old hag. Probably trying to stay away from Bill.

688 days ago


Hillary Clinton is even more stupid than BO, and that's saying something. The only time that fat, ugly moron has ever gotten ANYWHERE was by riding her husband's coat tails or by playing the victim. Oh, yes, what a female to look up to!

688 days ago


FOX puppet actor fox puppet site murduch whitewash royals payin CBS hillary&billary FOX CBS viacam`ss viacommie`ss at viacom.Bill was removed from the office of president left setting powerless.Hillary was removed from her apointment leftover baggage seat.She will NEVER be ellected to ANY office other than VIACOM CBS kichen cabinet`ss murduch.LOIS FRANKEL& john kerry would win easy oover JEBBY blush.Ellectism is dead old whiteboy network is no longer in power.People of color and females out number the good old two class system.obama removed hillary WTF isn`t dust a insider~SS? maybe too old to remember he also works for FOX as does this site as does payin rightwing is dead outdated shipped thier own jobs to china by mishap.IMPORTing PH-D`s is the only way to keep america alive! TOLD YOU SO!!!! years ago

688 days ago


He is that currupt to think he`s a power cluber also?.meet the folks the real folks as in the real oliver stone the first ONE who wrote MEET the folks or don`t you even know your own screenplays? or thier rewrites meet the fluckers the real flucker`ss game over DUDE people of color&females out number you now wake the fluckers tup

688 days ago


This country is going to be in bad shape in 4 years and you have the dems to thank, and there followers.... you all will be crying!

688 days ago


meet the folks wrote 1927 rewritten into meet the fluckers without proper copyrights.Hillary so done she was fired bill was fired payin was`nt hired mormon was`nt hired but spent 100s of millions.You so run dusty you can lie cheat and steal while faking as a jewish opressed artist like harvey flakes also for murduch.You`d better fluck people of color or you kind will also dieout with the rest of the whitebread corn flakes and KKK

688 days ago


you SHOULD RUN dusty as in rewrite misspells since the lov lov me doo doo Timmy z z z z`s tower radar cookie`ss via viacom you cooked everyone doff no one left to give you your bath you stink

688 days ago


Hillary 2016!!!!!

688 days ago


A black in there is one thing but a women will never happen. they can hold everything else and.fight wars as well. but be the prez won't ever happen.

688 days ago


Dustin must be smoking those funny cigarettes again. We might as well elect Charlie Sheen for President

688 days ago


I'm a Conservative, but when Hillary was running for President last time, she impressed the living Hell out of me. Nothing like the shrill bitch she was during her husband's Presidency. She was like a different person entirely, and I would've voted for her, had I been voting in the Democratic Primaries.

Would I vote for her for President next time? It depends, can the Republicans find ANYONE, ANYWHERE, I can back without reservation? That seems unlikely, so ... I just might vote for her.

688 days ago
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