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Katt Williams Slap Victim


Over the Incident

12/4/2012 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


11:22 AM PT -- A Target spokesperson confirms Forrest has been fired from the store ... but explains, "His departure was unrelated to the video footage that has appeared online."

The rep adds, "Out of respect for the privacy of this individual, we cannot discuss the reasons for his departure."

The Target employee who was PIMP SLAPPED in the face by Katt Williams says he's been FIRED from his job ...even though HE was the one who was attacked.

TMZ broke the story ... Forrest Liebenberg was having a calm conversation with the comic in the Northern California store when Katt slapped him in the face for no apparent reason.  Liebenberg didn't strike back ... instead he pulled out his phone and called for help.

After the incident, Forrest told CBS13 he'd been terminated from his job with no explanation -- saying, “They weren’t very clear, but it is obvious to me that it was based on this incident.”

He added, "Maybe I was a little uninformed about how seriously the situation was with Target, but obviously it is pretty serious."

Forrest says he doesn't know if Target believes he's the person who leaked the security footage to TMZ. He also claims he is NOT the leaker.

We reached out to Target for comment -- so far, radio silence.



No Avatar


I just sent an e-mail to the Target Corporation I won't be shopping in their store because of this. I hope he sues Target!

653 days ago


Time for this guy to slap back...with a lawsuit!

653 days ago


Quality outfit. An employee is assaulted and rather than pressing charges--they FIRE THE VICTIM. I bet you anything a bitch was behind that decision.

653 days ago

BB not bb    

He said that Kat was making cynical and insulting comments based on Forrest putting some thought into how he was doing his job. Maybe the guy was answering too slowly for Kat. Some people who work at these stores are even disabled. You have to take that into consideration when you deal with them. They maybe be retarded, hard of hearing, have cerebral palsy and other issues.

When you go to a Target, the bullseye is what is on your forehead to get you to enslave yourself to the corporate octopus.

653 days ago


So you mean to tell me I can go into Target slap an employee and they will get fired? This story is backwards.

653 days ago


I keep forgetting how many dumbass ppl we have in this world. Where does 1 man's foolishness has anything to do with an entire community or our president?

653 days ago


I would luv to beat and spank kat williams in public.

653 days ago


Lawsuit...What's wrong with Target?

The young man" WILL WIN", and so he should.

As for Katt, there's something definitely wrong with him. Hope he has someone who cares enough to help him.
Fingers crossed.

653 days ago


I agree with No. 1, Kelly--Target is punishing the victim.

653 days ago


Wow, I'm sorry he lost his job, that's a damn shame. Why would they fire HIM?? That guy didnt do a damn thing wrong. HE was ATTACKED!!! He didnt even swing back, he did the proper thing, in MY opinion, by calling the police & "letting the authorities handle it". So why would they fire him?? Even if its about a suspicion that he "leaked" the camera footage to TMZ, they have no proof of that, so they're firing him over a suspicion?? And AFTER he was attacked?? Smdh thats SOOOO not right. I hope he sues the LOWLIFE SH!T atta Target AND sues Katt Williams STUPID DUMB A$$ TOO.

653 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I googled to see if there is an online petition to support this man who was slapped. I couldn't find one. However, I DID find Forrest's facebook page (at least a man with the same name who looks VERY much like the man in this news video). I messaged him to express my support and to encourage him to create (or have someone create) an online petition to support him. I hope a petition like that is created because I would definitely sign it (as I've signed others this past year), and I hope Target pays attention. Until such time: Targets SUX!

653 days ago


Maybe I'm crazy but I think he should've kept his job even if he'd hit back. WTF are these companies thinking??? There is NO WAY I'm about to let someone hit me. That is not part of my job description.

653 days ago

Melissa B    

That is B.S. I can't believe they fired him even though he did the right thing.

653 days ago


Unless Target explains this in a way that makes sense, I will not shop there again. Because that video shows a confrontational, out of control Katt--not the employee. And Katt has been out of control for awhile now.

653 days ago


They want to protect his privacy by not disclosing to him why they fired him. Instead, simply firing him after he is assaulted by a "celebrity".

653 days ago
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