TMZ Live CBS CEO -- Angus Jones' Drama Is Child's Play

12/5/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: CBS CEO -- Angus Jones' Drama Is Child's Play

TMZ Live

Angus T. Jones calling "Two and a Half Men" a load of "filth" is a drop in the bucket compared to Charlie Sheen's epic meltdown -- according to CBS CEO Les Moonves ... who also called out Angus over his FAT paycheck.

Plus, Derek Jeter is NOT fat and out of shape -- at least that's what he (and Charles) want you to believe after a new photo surfaces of the Yankees superstar.

And, 'Crazy' Tony from 'Honey Boo Boo' calls in to explain he was NOT drunk during his gorilla suit arrest -- and to demand cops return his suit ... 'cause if they don't ... well, you gotta hear what he's got planned.
(0:00) CBS honcho Les Moonves speaks out about Angus T. Jones' Christian stance against "Two and a Half Men" -- and says it's child's play compared to Charlie Sheen's meltdown.
(5:45) Christian Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell says he's not praying for Lindsay Lohan ... but not to worry ... Charles picks up his slack.
(10:00) Billy Bob Thornton says he may go to Angelina Jolie's wedding -- so is it cool to have your ex at your wedding?
(14:00) Gabriel Aubry is off hook ... for getting his ass kicked.
(18:00) "Honey Boo Boo" star "Crazy" Tony calls in to talk about his monkey suit arrest -- and we gotta admit ... it sounds pretty hilarious coming from him.
(24:10) Chad Johnson talks about his infidelity to Evelyn Lozada -- but it doesn't look like he'll ever play football again.
(27:00) Michael Richards may be coming back to television -- why is it so hard to forgive him for his racist rant when people were so quick to forgive Chris Brown for beating up Rihanna? Evan has an interesting theory.
(31:00) Dr Phil's stolen 1957 Chevy finally turns up ... with minor damage.
(33:15) Derek Jeter isn't fat! Charles attempts to redeem his favorite athlete.
(36:45) Sam Ronson drops $800k on a tiny beachfront home ... we'll show you the ridiculous homes that the same money can get you outside of Los Angeles.
(38:40) The floor is yours!