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George Zimmerman

Sues NBC Over 911 Tape --

I'm Not a Racist!

12/6/2012 1:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Trayvon Martin
shooter George Zimmerman has filed a lawsuit against NBC over the way it edited his 911 call -- placed moments before Martin was shot -- claiming the network falsely made Zimmerman look like a "hostile racist."

You'll recall, NBC launched an internal investigation over the tape after it aired the edited recording -- which made it sound like Zimmerman immediately told police that Martin was black, without being prompted.

In actuality, the full 911 tape reveals Zimmerman only referred to Martin as "black" when responding to a question from the dispatcher about Trayvon's race.

Zimmerman accuses NBC of creating a "false and defamatory misimpression using the oldest form of yellow journalism: manipulating Zimmerman's own words, splicing together disparate parts of the recording to create the illusion of statements that Zimmerman never actually made."

He's suing for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress, demanding unspecified damages.

Zimmerman -- a former neighborhood watch coordinator for a gated community in Florida -- fatally shot 17-year-old Martin on February 26th. George has claimed the shooting was in self-defense.


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BB not bb    

George Zimmerman is right. He is a fighter. He should sue this sorry excuse for journalism TV network. They tried to use him to start a race war.

623 days ago


Comcast'll throw his mom's ass a year's worth of cable

623 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I guess his latest fundraising efforts haven't been going so well. Someone has to pay for his legal fees, security team and upper middle class living standards that he has grown accustomed to since the shooting.

623 days ago


I guess NBC is in line to pay for his legal defense. No George NBC did not make you out to look like a racist...I think you did that on your own when you opened your mouth.

623 days ago


NBC and other media made it almost impossible for this guy to get a fair trial. Convicted or not he deserves to win this lawsuit

623 days ago


Distress he cause all that on his own to him so why blame nbc omg can someone please answer me this question as I haven't been faaling this case because of no internet is this ass hoe in JAIL and I'm hoping for a long time????

623 days ago


A lot of ignorant OJ Simpson people posting on this story today.

623 days ago


Only In America where you kill an individual and still get rich! Disgusted!

623 days ago


Good, I hope he wins a boat load of money. The media is nothing but sensationalism to make money.

623 days ago


I wish people would listen to the actual ENTIRE 911 tape and not just the versions edited by the media. You can find it easily enough on you tube. You can tell by listening to the tape that he did stop chasing him when the 911 operator told him he didn't have to follow him. He was walking back to his car and discussing where he would meet up with police

623 days ago


F*ck that liberal race war mongering stupid channel, I hope Zimmerman wins, he will have his day in court about Trayvon but now so will NBC, what they did was wrong and dirty.

623 days ago


Fine, sue NBC. They were wrong by editing that tape. But it won't help him. Because what Mr. Zimmerman doesn't seem to get is that even if we take racism out of it and if we believe that Trayvon did hit him....he is still guilty. All a person needs to do is put themselves in Trayvons position. Some stranger fallowing you around at night. I would have turned around and punched him too. Basically what seemed to have happened is Zimmerman decided to play cop, stalked this kid and when the kid defended himself, this "cop" was losing the fight, so he shot him. You can't shoot someone when your losing a fight YOU started. CAN YOU IMAGINE?? All someone would have to do to get away with murder is start a fight with the victim, get their bootys kicked for a few seconds and then they are clear to kill them. That doesn't sound right to me. And I wouldn't think it sounds right to anyone else.

623 days ago


"Zimmerman" and "right" shouldn't even be used in the same sentence! I can't garner a mustard seed of sympathy for this person. It doesn't matter if he's white, Hispanic, and a small percentage of black. He's still a racist, and his racial profiling, nd stereotyping lead to a young boy losing his life! Zimmerman took the law into his own hands when it was no need too. If he had followed the instructions that was gave to him, this ordeal would of never happened. No I'll save my sympathy for the parents that lost a child! Not for a murderer.

623 days ago



623 days ago



623 days ago
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