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Kate Middleton Nurse Suicide

You Be the Judge

12/8/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1207-kate-middleton-radio-gettyThe suicide of the London nurse who was "pranked" by two Australian radio DJs has incited outrage from around the globe. So, we gotta ask …


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The prank call was funny and hilarious. The woman obviously had other issues if she killed herself. I never even heard of these djs but I think it is unfair to blame them for her death.

623 days ago


The nurse was murdered by a hatched man because she knew who is the real father of the child. The Bishop of Hereford however is protecting the evil Prince Harry, who might be the puppet master behind all that. Eyewitnesses say that the hatched man was one of Sheriff of Nottingham's minions and the Queen already hired Sir Homes ti investigate that mysterious case...

623 days ago


If you're up in arms over this and view it as a malicious act, you're not being honest with yourself and are doing so (even if subconsciously) to make yourself feel like a better person. Had this been posted without "death" attached to it, the majority of people who answered the anti-DJ/prank options above would have answered the opposite.

623 days ago


obviously someone has something mentally going on with them to commit suicide, this was a PRANK call don't kill yourself over a Prank Call and if you do then you have deaper issues,I feel bad for the DJs because they are being blamed for this, People need to learn how to laugh off stupid things that may happen to them, grow a BACK BONE,. GEEZE.

623 days ago


I believe the Royal Family and Hospital are lying., they ripped the nurse a new butt hole and threatened her, so bad she gave up..

623 days ago

Canada Guy    

It would seem that the people that have "honestly" filled out your poll are from a nunnery. What a crock! It was a JOKE, people, and to suggest that someone should be fired or whatever because some nut job takes the "Royal Family" way too seriously and killed themself is absurd. Anyone who says they have NEVER made a crank call is either lying or have spent their lives wrapped in bubble wrap on a desert island.

623 days ago


have to laugh at this witch hunt, it is as pathetic as the ori****l lamer prank by the dj's, only a lot uglier.

dont know anyone that listens to those djs much less radio.

623 days ago


Radio show crank calls suck in general. B level crap. This one just sucked more.

623 days ago

People Annoy Me    

Yes, let's laugh at someone mentally unstable and nervous that killed herself because she most likely not only embarrassed herself, but was heard by everyone listening in. Haha!
I don't find this story funny at all. The woman is dead now and we have no idea why.
Also, what terrible excuse of a "Prankster" leaves the dam phone on and forget to hang up?
Wanna bees at best thinking that was a joke.

623 days ago


There's more to this story that hasn't come out yet. Everyone is blaming the DJ's for doing what thousands of other DJ's do. My guess is that the hospital wasn't as supportive towards the nurse as they are making themselves out to be. It would not be unusual for the hospital to be looking at disciplining or even firing the nurse over this. Now that's something that might've pushed her over the edge. It'll come out soon enough.

623 days ago


I am surprised by all the excuses given to this woman who committed suicide, that if indeed it is the case. It is her fault that she committed suicide leaving two kids behind, no anybody else. Even she was pressured at work or pranked , so what, there are people who have their kids dying in front of them but they never commit suicide! I felt sorry for her until she killed herself as the press claim. BTW, it is very unusual for somebody to commit suicide on the road to work unless it is shooting themselves!! Until now, we haven't heard how she committed suicide was it pills, poison, cutting her veins etc... which is really weird. I have noticed that some people are taking advantage of her death by asking for a family fund which is completely unacceptable!

623 days ago


I think the nurse over-reacted just a tad. DJs have been pulling telephone pranks forever. And most of the time they are pretty hilarious. Even Prince Charles thought this one was funny. If Jacintha committed suicide leaving her two young children motherless solely because of a little embarrassment there was something seriously wrong with her priorities. I suspect we will find there is much more to this story. I certainly hope so. The DJs prank was meant to be harmless and they should not be crucified for the totally bizarre and sad result. I've seen far far worse things on the old Candid Camera show.

623 days ago


I don't think there was anyway these two DJ's could have even suspected someone would kill themselves over a prank call However this doesn't absolve them from all blame. These people live within the Commonwealth. They know first hand how many people, especially in England, still regard the monarchy with reverence. They knew before hand invoking the Queen's name would have put the people on the other end of the phone in a bad situation. Do they refuse the Queen or do they disregard their employer? This would be a very tough decision for a monarchy supporting British subject. I might have cut them more slack if they were Americans. Americans are not part of the commomwealth and as such the Queen's name carries very little weight. As Australians these people knew exactly what they were doing. In the very least they knew they were putting someone's job in jeapordy. Now that it's their careers in trouble, it looks good on them.

623 days ago

She's baaaack    

I know this is going to sound like I'm a real stick-in-the-mud and will probably be unpopular but the nature of a prank has a victimizer and a victim regardless of how harmless or humorous it is, someone gets the sh1t end of the prank stick. I don't know about that woman at all but I imagine she was a bit fragile, and then given the humiliation and scorn she was dealing with, and the whole planet knew about it. How awful to die in such a horrible frame of mild.

622 days ago


"California's "False Impersonation" Laws
Penal Code 529 PC
California's false personation laws make it a crime to impersonate someone else in order to harm that person, or to gain a benefit for yourself."-
found online

622 days ago
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