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Kate Middleton Nurse Suicide

Lexus Pulls Ads from Radio

Station Behind the Prank

12/8/2012 12:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lexus Australia
has axed all of their advertising from 2DAYFM ... the radio station that allowed two DJs to prank call Kate Middleton's hospital ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ spoke to a rep for Lexus AU ... who tells us the company has officially pulled the plug on their media campaign due to "the current situation​" -- specifically the suspected suicide of the nurse who answered the call.

We're told this isn't the first time Lexus AU has pulled ads from 2DAYFM. The car company pulled ads from the station last year as well following an incident with a different announcer.

This recent ad campaign (which began November 1) was the company's first with the station since then.


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After having just seen the picture of the nurse and her name, a guess is that she is of middle east descent and may have killed herself as a form of "honor killing."

663 days ago


The station owner has pulled all advertising off 2DayFM until at least Monday, "in order to keep advertisers happy". Why they think the advertisers will be any happier on Monday is a mystery to me.

663 days ago


MURDERED then humiliated by being accused of committing suicide.

663 days ago


Then companies should pull their ads from ALL news agencies that shared the story, that reported the story, that played the clip on air !!

663 days ago


The station has a history of controversy, including a series of "Heartless Hotline" shows in which disadvantage people were offered a prize that could be taken away from them by listeners.

663 days ago


Honestly, do you people think this woman was of stable mind? I mean, yes, as annoying and sometimes deplorable as pranks can be, NO BODY would think someone of sound mind would commit freaking suicide because of a mindless prank. Should they find other jobs, yes......was this woman already unstable even before the prank? YES. I don't blame them for her death at all. She made the choice to freaking die, and it had nothing to do with this prank. If anything, the prank was just a catalyst for her search for a way out of this life.

663 days ago


Some people on here are disgusting. She has 2 children and all you can talk about is race and religion

663 days ago


These D.J.'s did what D.J,'s have been doing for a long time. But in general, the paparazzi have become entirely too invasive now--it's like they have a license to stalk people. It killed Princess Diana, and it's time some rules and regulations be in place, to keep it from getting even worse. So--I hope this prank brings about a lot of change.

663 days ago


I reiterate, committing suicide over something as trivial as this "prank" just tells me this woman had deep-rooted issues that had nothing to do with the prank.

663 days ago


I hate radio talk show hosts. Most of them are loudmouth douchbags who think they are funny.

663 days ago


Yet they didn't pull the ad based on the prank alone, before the suicide. Sorry to see all of the radio stations employees punished because some nut-job decided to take a life - her own. All the DJs did was put on obviously phoney accents and ask to speak to the Duchess. Talk about over-reacting to over-reactions on top of over-reactions to some idiot who killed herself.

663 days ago


who cares...she was a mental case or an idiot to commit suicide over something as trivial as a prank call.......

663 days ago


If someone commits suicide, there was something wrong to begin with. This was a practical joke, that, by chance of a trillion to one, the victim of the joke obviously had long standing mental issues that apparently nobody was paying attention to. You just don't commit suicide over something like this.

663 days ago


So many people in Australia actually own a Lexus? 4?

663 days ago


When will they get the results of the autopsy on the nurse? She must not have been of stable mind IF she did kill herself over the prank call. I agree it was the wrong thing to do and the DJ's should move on to other jobs. I would imagine they will carry this guilt the rest of their lives. Did the station OK them making the prank call? If they did they seems they would be held responsible to some degree but until the autopsy results are known we should not speculate so much. We all have our opinions about this tragedy but the nurse was troubled to go this far. Embarased yes, kill oneself, no.

663 days ago
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