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Australian DJs


Over Nurse's Suicide

12/10/2012 5:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1210_radio_djsMichael Christian and Mel Greig -- the two Australian radio DJs behind the Kate Middleton hospital prank call that led to the suicide of a nurse -- say they are "incredibly sorry" for what transpired ... as they speak out for the first time.

The pair sat down with "A Current Affair" in Australia and described how they found out that Jacintha Saldanha had taken her life. Michael said they got the news at the same time and Mel called it "the worst phone call I've ever had in my life."

The DJs have been off the air since the incident, which they say has weighed on them ever since. Mel explained, "There’s not a minute that goes by that we don’t think about the family and what they must be going through and the thought we might have played a part in that is discouraging ... I wanted to just to reach out to them and give them a hug and say sorry, I actually do feel sorry, I really do."

Mel's attitude toward the prank was different before Saldanha took her life ... as TMZ first reported, she posted a photo on Facebook just hours before, joking about how impersonating the Queen should help her score free drinks.


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It appears to be a MURDER. They say it is suicide in order to humiliate her family. Think about it.

626 days ago


They shouldn't have to protect themselves. The woman was unstable. They could not have known she would take her life. Stop blaming them. She and only she is responsible for taking her own life and leaving her children without a mother.

626 days ago


This is what happens when ADULTS PLAY CHILDISH GAMES!!! Sometimes the consequences can be VERY adult. There is a life cut short because grown ups are just as mean as children.

626 days ago


seriously. get over it. Im an Australian and this prank was not meant to hurt anyone.
it is not the dj's fault.
stop putting them on blast or I will boycott TMZ

626 days ago


the nurse is an idiot. The dj's are just doing a regular radio prank like millions have done for years. To think that they actually though the queen would call the floor nurse. Really? What an idiot. Doesn't the queen have people for that. Doesn't the hospital have a procedure for handling high profile patients? Why would she kill herself. I can't believe it has to do with that call unless the hospital fired her and the queen said that the baby wasn't going to be born in their hospital because of the lack of security. I mean she is the one that went on and on about Cate's condition. It isn't like the dj's were trying to humiliate her. Those dj's are now taking the pc public just because they did a fake call. I mean, is your refrigerator running? well, you better catch it.

626 days ago


These two pieces of trash are only heartbroken because they may be going to jail for this. F them and lock them up.

626 days ago


I have no idea why so many people here are being so "righteous" and blame the DJs and say "crocodile tears" and they show no remorse. Do you all know them?? I think anyone who is human would feel awful about what transpired. Their prank was uncalled for and tragic but please, no one would ever imagine what it would lead to.. I have no reason to believe that these 2 DJs are nothing but remorseful.. It doesnt have anything to do with saving face, saving a job.. They are human beings whose moronic prank lead to a terrible tragedy.

626 days ago


I don't believe the nurse committed suicide. They still can't determine how she died, hmmmmmmm. Isn't that suspicious? They'll go to any lengths to protect the Blue Bloods.
Why would a mother of 2 children kill herself over something so trivial. I don't buy it.

626 days ago


They maybe sorry that someone has died but to sit there and pass the buck and say they have no say in the process of things being aired is absolute 100% bull$hit.

Also they didn't think they would get through or didn't think anything of it once they had done the prank and how far they got through, that's what the hole idea is of doing a prank call is to see how far you can get.

I did feel sorry for them at one stage because pranks are funny but now i see how weak they are. I hope they throw the book at them, there probably like the type of people were they can dish it out but call them a name and they would sue you.

626 days ago


This is ABSURD!!! On daily am radio shows, I hear the same time of pranks ALL the time. Yes, this was tragic, but there has to be more to why this nurse would END HER LIFE. Just does not make sense. It is not like these 2 DJ's were bullying her on a daily basis. It was prank gone wrong. She didnt even give out any info, just transferred the call.

626 days ago


I think every one of you that doesn't see what I so clearly see are flat out STUPID!! She probably killed herself because, just like the rest of the world, times are hard and having put through a call to such powerful people in a sensitive time probably cost her her JOB...right before the holidays....and not like that would go good on a resume review. I'm not at ALL saying its an excuse to kill yourself...I have lost someone to suicide and usually its not so thought out and you aren't exactly imagining light at the end of the tunnel. Pfft. I feel for all people involved...I know what its like to be blamed for someone taking their life...there is so much more I could say about this but I'm actually ashamed to be linked to about 94% of y'all!!

626 days ago


I still ask the same question : what about Kate? What did she do to deserve this? The condition she has is very serious. My aunt lost a baby and her second pregnancy gave way to birth defects and kidney defects to her from medication. Did the deejays even consider the seriousness of the situation? Did they consider the consequences? For Kate it is bad enough to be forced to disclose a delicate pregnancy let alone have the eyes of the world camped outside. Then to have a tragedy on top of it all. The station holds accountability of some sort. Sure no one predicted this but this isn't the first time the station crossed the line.

626 days ago


Many of these comments are absolutely insane. Do you really think these DJ's "don't care" about the result of there actions? You honestly believe they are faking emotion over the death of a clearly troubled human being? Come on. Of course they care, like any of us would. But the bottom line is this was a prank that was meant to get a cheap laugh. This was not a malicious act, this was a goofy phone call that ended with a totally unforseeable, tragic consequence. Yes, they have to hold a measure if accountability, but what about the world media that blew this totally out of proportion, shining the light on this nurse. What if they connect with a different nurse who divulges the same info but shakes it off and moves on like %99.99 of the population would have, would we still be calling for their heads. This was an individual who had other serious mental issues that have not yet been released, but will be in time, who chose a bizarre and unexpected way to deal with her humiliation. My prayers are with her family, but let's all steo back a moment, put aside our shock and immediate anger, and look and what really happened here.

626 days ago


This is crazy! Prank calls are made on every radio station, in every country, every day. As far as the content of this call, it was actually pretty tame. Is every DJ/radio entertainer supposed to sit and say to himself, "hmmm, is there a chance someone may overreact and kill themselves because of this call"? Come on. And to say they have no empathy or remorse, or were faking their tears, is just angry, unintelligent, hate. They had no idea this would happen, no intent for it to happen, nor would it have happened if the had have connected the call to a stable, mentally healthy member of the hospital staff. Of course you dont know who will answer, or what the consequence may be, but this, even by unanticipated extreme standards, is off charts. Where's the line? I am sure that every one of you who is calling for these two DJ's to be burned alive has laughed at a radio gag far more malicious than this one. Of course, this is tragic and unfortunate, and I feel terrible for this woman's family. But, how can you possibly anticipate this sort of reaction to a routinely harmless prank? This is not the DJ's fault, no matter how tragic it is.

625 days ago


The TWO ARE DUMBFCKS ...seriously....sooooooo scripted by lawyers. The first hing she thought after finding out about the death of the nurse was their jobs and wtf is going to happen and holy **** we r idiots and didn't think someone would die over this, maybe fired!!! ....gimme a break they thought omg did she! And ur tears are fake....good acting on behalf of blonde crying, she made it look somewhat believable but the Guy?! Sad display of remorse. Oh...BTW, love how u avoid the questions directly by using your lawyers OOOOooOOOOOOOOOoooo so scripted it was a joint collaborative decision....just plain stupid answer and avoiding your responsibility. You both knew u were breaking personal information and you should have hung up on the phone. Do you honestly think you wont get in trouble for impersonating the queen? You should and get jail time....also you ruined a family...ur coworkers...yourselves...and most of violated a persons medical privacy GLOBALLY!!!! HOW STUPID ARE YOU TWO?! Nice dumb head shake and sincere crying....hope u both get serious psychological help because now.....the WORLDS WATCHING U!

625 days ago
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