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Dutch Santa

Dark Side of

Christmas Traditions

12/10/2012 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Santa Claus don't need no elves ... not in the Netherlands, where they believe his helper is a guy named "Black Pete," and people dress up like him by wearing black face. Merry racism, everyone!

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BB not bb    

TMZ is intentionally stirring the pot trying to get the blacks all agitated and angry. It is like George Zimmerman now transferred to Scandinavia. Okay, it is all a big lie what they are saying and they know it because I mentioned it in the comments on the TMZ live show last night and the surfer guy said he researched Black Pete heavily. If you research him at all, you find he has nothing to do with Africans at all.

In fact, Santa alwayas has curly hair, so is he an albino African? How dumb can you be with these baseless accusations?

The originators of these traditions did not own slaves or participate in the Muslim run African slave trade that the USA is famous for. Keep your racial issues to yourself and stop trying to paint every white person as a racist.

The only way Sweden is going to be linked in this is if the Muslims in their country keep getting more power. Then the Muslims can reestablish their slavery and brutality as they have been in cities such as Malmo.

If you want to understand Black Pete and Christams and Santa Claus jazz, read this and watch the video:

652 days ago

BB not bb    

If one of the characters, the main one, is white, how does having a black sidekick mean that you are being racist agianst only the black one? This is just logic without even looking up the meaning of a tradition that is foreign. If Santa's helper is supposed to be bad, wouldn't that make Santa even worse?

All this has to do with Scandinavian paganism. I am not saying it is good, but it is not racist. It is basically celebrating Satan if you want to know. Santa is like Saturn, or Father Time who also comes back on New Year's to give the year to baby New Year, which also is like the baby celebrated on Christmas. This is all an ancient fertility holiday smash-up with some Christian themes thrown in. It is about as Christian as Islam.

652 days ago


As said by others before: get your facts straight !
You mention the Christmas celebration but what you describe and depict is called Sinterklaas, celebrated at Dec 5th.
Sinterklaas is a celebration for small children and "zwarte Piet" - or black Pete as you would say - has nothing to do with racism and/or Afro-Americans.
In fact I live in the Netherlands and you see all kinds of people from all over the world happily living together, very tolerant and no racism apart from the very few the media picks out and blows out of proportion on foreign TV-stations. That is why I think most of the dutch people who have responded are upset as you accuse them of being racist while they're not. When I'm in a foreign country I make sure I ask around in order to fully understand what habits the locals have and why it's so important to them. When you do, you can better understand and judge when needed.

The reason the Pete's are black is because they go up and down the chimney to deliver presents to the kids who put their shoes near the chimney with wishlists and carrots for the horse of Sinterklaas (the holy man with the beard). The chimney's soot makes them black and you might relate to slavery or other black pages of our heritage, it's not related. Do people use black Pete to threaten children they will be put in a bag and taken to a distant country (Spain usually) when they don't behave? : Sure they do, but that's also the case in other traditions: If you behave you get a nice present. In general the children and parents of all races and skin colors celebrate this tradition and nobody has a negative feeling about this tradition. In the US we're extremely sensitive to racism as we practiced it for so long, hence the fact we now don't even mention the skin color but call them Afro-Americans. Over here in the Netherlands you can't speak of Afro-Americans as we don't have them over here. They're all dutch and/or refugees/immigrants that may originate from Africa but they're also from Asia, Caribbean or any other country int he world.

Christmas celebration as we have in the US is somewhat different over here as presents may not be under the tree. Most families celebrate Christmas with their families, nice dinner and a growing number also exchange presents then. For the children who still believe in Sinterklaas their most appreciated celebration is on Dec 5th and the few weeks before where they get to put their shoes under the chimney and find small presents in it every time...

652 days ago


IT IS NOT CHRISTMAS! TMZ, Get your facts straight! Christmas and Sinterklaas are 2 completely different things!

652 days ago


Sinterklaas is not a Christmas tradition. Sinterklaas has been cellebrated since the 15th century in the Netherlands. There is only 1 legimate Chistmas tradition and that is the birth of Christ. Santaclaus is a Coca Cola commercial.

652 days ago


You have to remember that it is not santa claus, but it is Saint Nicolaas, And Santa Claus is based on this story. Please get somebackgrounf information, before you are going to publish something and be stupid

652 days ago

BB not bb    

Interesting that the sidekick's name is Pete. That sounds like Peter on whom Jesus said, on this rock I will build my churhc. It seems the evil is mirroring the good again. I think Santa is supposed to be a Christ figure and Pete is like his helper who carries out his plans.

Did you also know that the yule log is actually a phallic symbol? Yes there is much controversy here, but racism is just a red herring. If you want to find out the real problem, investigate how children are being taught to be good for this Santa (anagram for Satan), instead of beight taught to seek to please God through his son Jesus. The Jesus of Christmas is depicted as just a helpless baby, not a man with the wisdom to save souls.

CHRISTIANS ARE BEING MALIGNED HERE, NOT BLACKS. If anyone is really being maligned, it is JESUS CHRIST. And don't worry, he is coming back soon to take care of this mess. So you better watch out, ha ha ha, cause Jesus Christ is coming to the town of Jerusalem. BE PREPARED.

652 days ago


this ain't the Saint Nick you guy's celerbrate @ christmas! this is Saint Nickolas ,he was a turkisch kardinal ,who live's in spain and is burried in itali
"black pete" ain't black becouse he would be african but from the asshes of the soot in the chimney's he need's to go thru at night to get the presents to the children!!!!

652 days ago

BB not bb    

Santa Claus is an anagram of Satan Cauls. Satan Cauls are when a baby is born with a placenta over its head. That is called a caul, and it means that the baby belongs to Satan or has psychic powers, according to folk belief.

What you are doing in celebrating Christmas with Santa is encourage children to have their eyes covered to the light of truth, so that they stay ensnared in the evil of Satan. The magic of Christmas keeps the child blinded throughout its life.

The child realizes that Santa Claus giving gifts is a big lie, yet they perpetuate it on their own children. Thus they are succsfully indoctrinated into a form of satanic practice where lying is venerated instead of condemned as it is in the Bible.

Every celebration from the holiday season has to do with evil paganism. It is the northern European customs that are celebrated in winter and then at Easter time, it is the Eastern customs that are celebrated, such as fertility eggs and bunnies and that garbage obliterating the resurrection of Christ at Passover.

652 days ago





652 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Black Peter is not racist you stupid morons.

Can't TMZ hire anyone with more than half a brain?

652 days ago


Who is the idiot who is responsible for this post? Do you guys have an editor at TMZ or does anyone on the payroll, including the cleaning staff, get to post stuff? Why don't you guys educate yourselves about the Dutch tradition before you totally insult an entire country and holiday. You guys probably just lost a lot of "readers"

652 days ago


Here we go again playing the race card from the same people who made the Kardashians millionaires. So typical.

652 days ago


Seriously TMZ,you're so ignorant!!

652 days ago


LOL!!!!! Dutch Santa ?!!!! I did not know that every country has it's own Santa....... How many brothers does the Santa have? OMG I would be ashamed if I was the one who wrote this article......Correction I would be ashamed if I was the Editor!!!!! No fact checking at all.... Maybe you can give me a job at TMZ? I think I would fit well at TMZ cause in real life I write bull**** too.. Only my editor does not publi*****.... I think I would flower in your environment!!!

652 days ago
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