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Lindsay Lohan

Back on NYC Club Scene

12/11/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan pressed her luck last night in NYC, returning to the nightclub scene ... despite her arrest last month ... and this time no one was Mirandized.

Lindsay was spotted leaving Catch nightclub ... with a stylish fedora pulled down low over her head.

The last time LiLo was out in NYC she was leaving Club Avenue in handcuffs ... after turning down a palm reading, calling a patron a f***ing gypsy and then allegedly socking the psychic in the eye socket. 

Lindsay denied hitting the woman but she was arrested and cited for assault.

Last night was utterly peaceful ... something the f***ing psychic probably predicted.


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So who's private jet was it ?? that is the real question......
And did anybody actually see her go or land in England ....want proof before I call her every fool name in the book....

683 days ago


I'm wondering how long it's gonna take for TMZ to get hit with a slander suit. What did the psychic do to deserve being called a "f***ing" psychic?

683 days ago


She seems hell bent on self destruction. I used to back her comeback, but I think she's hopeless now.

I talked to someone that worked with her on the Liz & Dick thing, and they hated her. Said she was the biggest prima donna ever, would refuse to come out of her trailer, and threatened to quit every day.

683 days ago


I guess her new job as a groupie is over. Tomorrow will be interesting, hopefully she will be in jail soon.

683 days ago


Obviously thats a low class joint

683 days ago


lindsay is not in the UK, she is in NY, when are you jerks gonna learn not to believe the Post, tmz stop folling lilo around for your daily fix for haters

683 days ago


is it possible all these stories of her are false? i mean, how does one NOT have any money, dissed by hollywood, get in bar fights, get into car accidents, go to rehab, go to jail for 48 hours have F U on your fingernails to a judge and yet jet set all over the world all while wearing chanel???????

683 days ago


Honest to God, what a nutcase. She deserves to rot in jail.

683 days ago


Morning Dina;
Aabout time you got up ...been up since 6... time for some haters bashing....
You know its bad when even you look younger then your daughter. You really really really want to help her ? Then get her ass out of the clubs hooking and into a good mental hospital where she can get off the drugs and alcohol and have her mental problems addressed other wise watch her die .......... up to you !

683 days ago


This bitch just doesnt have a care in the world ......Wow just amazes me that someone can be this stupid. I wouldnt be able to sleep, eat and Id just be a wreck if I was in her shoes, but no shes like a drugged out energizer bunny...she just keeps going going and going with the partying...but the battery has to run out sometime......She'll pull a Brooke Mueller and we will here shes in rehab to avoid jail time!

683 days ago


Hate! Hate! Hate!........we need more Hate!!! Hate makes the world go round.

683 days ago


I wonder if she carrying ten thousand in the loot bag. Amazing that she can go to very upscale joints without any cash.

683 days ago


Let's see: the IRS has seized all of her bank accounts; she's crying to the press that she can't pay the rent on a mansion she apparently never stays at (which accourding to TLC is trashed); she admits to begging for money from "friends" to make ends meet; she easily took $100K from Charlie Sheen and it apparently hardly made a dent in her debt; and she sent sister Ali to re-sale shops to hawk her clothes for pennies on the dollar. Of course, being in such dire straits, any normal person would go to a nightclub and spend more $$ (that she doesn't have). Sheesh!

683 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

She has money... she just doesn't have any assets. Since she doesn't pay ANY bills, she keeps whatever income she earns as cash on her person. The IRS freezing her bank accounts only made her deal more in cash.

Think about it: If you never paid any bills, and kept every penny of income in cash, you'd be walking around with enough money to last... at least for a little while.

683 days ago


What is it that addicts of any sort don't understand about staying away from people and situations that are dangerous for you? This woman needs to have a come to Jesus meeting with a serious outcome.

683 days ago
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