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Nurse Suicide

Report: Hospital Criticism

May Have Triggered Suicide

12/14/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The nurse in the Kate Middleton hoax may have hanged herself in part because the hospital came down on her hard ... this according to a new report.

The Daily Mail claims to have a source connected to the nurse's family, who says in one of the suicide notes the woman, Jacintha Saldanha, is critical of the hospital for the treatment she received.  The story does not flesh out whether the treatment is connected to the hoax, but it appears to be the case, given one of the other suicide notes which reportedly describes how she tried to cope with the fallout due to the prank call.

So the question ... did hospital management come down on the nurse hard?  A hospital spokesperson claims hospital management was supportive, but they are not privy to what she wrote in the notes.

As for the third note, the report claims the nurse laid out plans for her funeral.


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It was the hospital's fault, not hers. The hospital should have had a plan in place for phone calls for royals, or anyone else for that matter. And the royal security team should have put a plan in place--they are the ones who did a poor job. Why should employees have to decide that? The hospital and the security teams should be ashamed.

491 days ago


I am really surprised that so many are blaming and coming down on the nurse,...for this whole mess,.......poor ,poor DJ's, got fired ? Lost their gig? A woman is dead because of the humiliation, that the hospital came down on her, and came down or her hard,,.....she transferred the call morons. Poor DJ's my azzz,.....if not for their prank calling,....there is a possibility that young nurse would still be alive today, there no sympathy for this young woman's family, their loss? The radio station was quick to try and pay off the family, because of the suicide,....but the DJ's got away with their juvenile behavior ending with a death,.....used to be DJ's were supposed to have talent, something that listeners enjoy, and keep coming back for,.......prank calls ?...Really? Is that all you got ?

491 days ago


It's easy in hindsight to say if we had done this or done that differently she might be around. This woman was clearly troubled and prob had been for a long time. Some people are very private about their problems. There was no way of knowing she was going to do that. It's sad, but there is only one person to blame, and she's gone.

491 days ago


So many of you are commenting about this woman's "emotional instability, mental problems", etc. before this horrible prank. Do you know her? Do you know her medical/psychiatric history? No, you do not. No one does except those close to her. Therefore, you cannot conclude that she was mentally unstable BEFORE the incident. People resort to suicide because their stressors outweigh their CURRENT ability to cope. Now, this woman was Hindu so you must factor in her cultural beliefs. Hindu's are proud people, quite hard on themselves. I can only imagine how this woman must have felt...distraught, gutted, ****tered. Humiliated by two insensitive DJ's, and by the world. Shamed by her own hospital and peers. Quite possibly shamed by her religion and family. Can any of you grasp the enormity of this? She accidentally gave information about a "royal family member". No one voraciously and publicly defended this woman. It is no surprise to me that this woman took her life with or WITHOUT any prior psychiatric issues. And yes, I see this frequently as a psychiatrist.

491 days ago


Of course they did. I thought from the start that was the reason. With all the negative press the hospital was getting her job had to have been threatened. Then the hospital said "they had been offering her counseling". My job has counseling too. A verbal council, a written council, and then the one you get right before you're fired.

491 days ago


Couldn't you have used a different name or at least spelled yours differently, damn.

491 days ago


I think the hospital had the right to "come down on her hard". She did something highly irresponsible for even a REGULAR patient. Now, the hospital was probably a little extra harsh, but I still can't blame them OR the DJ's. This woman made a choice.

491 days ago



491 days ago

Lily Daisy    

This story gets more tragic every day. I'm sure the hospital came down hard on this nurse (and probably the other nurse too) simply because it was about the Queen. Everything must be conducted perfectly because it involves the Royal Family - and now an innocent victim of this absurd abuse of TV programming is dead. I don't think the two perpetrators are innocent jokesters. Instead I think that the hospital is additionally culpable for this sad ending.

491 days ago


I can't believe that there are people taking the side of the royals. I am English, and I feel so so embarrassed. It kills me to admit my heritage. The last thing I want is my friends, family, and co-workers to think for one minute that I think like any of these uneducated, backwoods, fools. The Royals have no power, sensitivity, or common sense. They have put a mark on history because of lack of breeding. You want a man for your king that earned a 2.6 at the university. What a bunch of dummies. If England puts him in power, you deserve everything that you get. Actually, what you don't get. You have become a country with a bunch of fanatics You have let the Royals treat you like you are not worthy as an human being just because they have money. That's what happens when you don't take care of your people. Thank God, I don't live there.

491 days ago


I concur with Michelle!! With our HIPPA laws it is illegal to impersonate someone in order to obtain personal medical information. I can't imagine being this very proud women and trying to process how this was going to not only affect her but her entire families life. While I am certain the two DJ's didn't expect that someone would commit suicide from what they call a prank, if I had 2 glasses of wine with dinner and was in a vehicle accident resulting in death, I would be charged with vehicular homicide! We are responsible for our actions, and I don't know many adults who could say they have never signed a HIPPA notice!!

491 days ago


Everyone feels sorry for this woman. Well I don't so what if she was humiliated and her boss came down hard on her. She's a selfish person who took her life and left her children without a mother. I bet she didn't think once how her suicide will affect her family. selfish bitch

491 days ago


I kind of figured this was the case. I figured she was receiving flack from all sides and just couldn't cope. Not the idea way to handle it but who knows what goes on in the deep recesses of ones mind.

491 days ago


suicide is a selfish thing to do. This woman was selfish to kill herself and leave her family behind. Period. These DJ's have taken the brunt of this and it's not fair. This woman obviously had mental issues.

491 days ago


When this happened everyone wanted to blame the djs prank cause she transferred the call..render just transferred!! The hospital made a press conference critizing the DJs..i always felt they were covering their ass..She was disturbed no one kills themselves after either a prank or getting in trouble at work. I'm sure at one time we've probably got in trouble at work and you dust yourself off and move don't go and leave your kids without a mother. This was a selfish act and my opinion the family wants a payday and figured going after two djs wouldn't be more than

491 days ago
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