'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant I'll Solve the Puzzle ... I GOT SCREWED!

12/21/2012 10:05 AM PST

'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant -- I'd Like to Solve the Puzzle ... I GOT SCREWED!

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It's time to play ...  "WHEEL OF FORTUNE"!!!!  Everybody ready? Great, the category is "Living Things"... now guess this phrase:

SE _EN  S_ _ NS    _ -S_ _ MM _ NG

Pretty easy right? Not if you were a contestant named Renee on Wednesday night's show -- who correctly solved the puzzle, but mispronounced "Seven Swans a-Swimming" ... as "Swimmin."

Turns out, no "g" ... meant no cash (which in Renee's case was thousands) -- because even though the letter was clearly on the board, Pat Sajak and the "Wheel" honchos quickly rejected the answer and moved on to the next player.

Not surprisingly, when the next contestant went to solve the game, she made sure to say "Swimming"
-- HARD G.

But ya gotta check out the tape, because during the EPIC rejection of an obviously correct answer ... Renee managed to grin and bear it, despite getting ROBBED ...

With a capital "R."