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Lindsay Lohan

PROOF I'm Paying Taxes

... With Charlie Sheen's $$$

12/26/2012 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan
has successfully paid off one of her enormous tax bills ... using Charlie Sheen's $100,000 check -- and TMZ has obtained official proof.

According to the official IRS document, Lindsay has paid her outstanding 2009 tax bill for $93,701 in full.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, she used Charlie's generous check to cover the tab -- and has already applied the remaining $6,300 to her 2010 tax bill for $140,203 (only $133,000 to go!!!).

According to sources, Lindsay's still on the hook for her 2011 taxes too -- but she's actively trying to raise the money to get herself out of the red as soon as possible.

As we reported, Charlie gave Lindsay the six-figure donation after Lindsay told him about her dire financial situation ... and also because he probably would have just spent the money on hookers anyway.


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Douche-man using that slut word again. I'm telling you all, he needs one bad.

636 days ago


The start of many Top Ten Lists that Blo made this year:

The Best Life Lessons We Learned From Hollywood Trainwrecks This Year
The start of a new year invokes promise and an opportunity for a fresh start. And we all know that nobody appreciates a fresh start more than celebrities – especially the self-destructive ones who bought (possibly lifelong) tickets to crazy town. These kinds of crazies are our celebrity train wrecks.

Where once they had it all…this year they lost it.

Our celebrity trainwrecks this year feature old and new favorites alike: Chris Brown, The Jacksons (a whole family of trainwrecks!) and, the queen this year, Lindsay Lohan.
It’s important that we take the time to learn from their mistakes so we can start 2013 off on the right foot. Find the best life lessons in the rubble of their derailed trains.
Proceed with caution. This is tough love!

Lindsay Lohan taught us a lot this year. However all of her actions seemed to have one underlying life lesson that we cannot ignore: there is no such thing as personal responsibility or consequence.

WHAT?! This is huge guys! It completely alters the human consciousness and thoughts on what is right and wrong. But it’s true. At least if you’re a celebrity. Punching people in the face is completely understandable and expected. Even better, hitting people will cars is only punishable by mere hours in jail. And don’t forget that you can always blame other people for your mistakes. A boy bander or your parents.
Take your pick!

636 days ago


smitty, we all know its you..switching monikers..
be more creative..because you are ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Boring

636 days ago


Andy, what's your weather report down there?

636 days ago


For the Morons that think our merry group here are Blo's only detractors, take a look at Twitter this morning...
Elyse Vasiliades ‏@uhhlysee
Watching the E! True Hollywood Story on Lindsay Lohan is just a joke. #idiot


....there are thousands more tweets like there are every time E airs that episode.

636 days ago


I think she may have to pay taxes on the 100 grand ???

636 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

OK TMZ, if you are going to buy do***ents from La Litterbox, how about some out of court settlement secret docs like how much she paid Dawn Holland or the mink coat girl?

636 days ago


amazing how the trolls no longer defend lindsay..they just come on here at a feeble attempt to bash other posters

636 days ago


Angie Hydorn ‏@Angiehydorn1
Playing Catchphrase with the Ewing's. It's my nearly 80 yr old, Christian mother's turn. 'Lindsay Lohan' is her word. She blurts out, "whore"

636 days ago


Where is the story about her spending thousands on Christmas presents for the family? How did she spend her day yesterday?

636 days ago


bet that old lady pictured above smells like carp and gardenias..
she already mastered the old lady lipstick..
and waist line granny boobs

636 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh now I get La Loca's gang signs at the dinner table the other night.............was that the VOP sign?

636 days ago


Can't wait to see your death, bitch Lindsay!

636 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

TMZ, why would you start off this story by saying:
" Lindsay Lohan has successfully paid off one of her enormous tax bills ... using Charlie Sheen's $100,000 check . . . "
She did not successfully pay off anything - Charlie Sheen is the one who wrote the check, she did not pay ONE DIME off on the lien. In fact, according to your story, the rest of the money was used to pay off less a little more than 4% of her 2010 taxes.
You know what the killer is going to be? It won't be the 2010 taxes or even the 2011 taxes, which from what I understand she is also stiffing Uncle Sam for. The BIG bill is for 2012 - yeah, the year that she supposedly made $2 million plus. Don't forget, she had Playboy hold off that supposed $1 million until this year.
Does anyone believe she has been having her various employers deduct for taxes? Does anyone actually believe that she has been paying off this years taxes on a quarterly basis like she's supposed to be doing?
Here she's been having all these people pay her in cash - does she actually think they are willing to break the law and not report her income?
She's been treating her taxes almost like a Ponzi scheme, and like most shady ventures, this one is going to come crashing down on her head.

636 days ago


always look on the bright side of life

636 days ago
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