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Kate Middleton Hospital Prank

Nurse Who Killed Herself

History of Suicide

12/23/2012 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Jacintha Saldanha
-- the London nurse who killed herself after answering a prank call from two Aussie DJs -- reportedly had a HISTORY of failed suicide attempts.

Saldanha tried to take her own life TWICE in the last year alone, according to The Daily Mail ... first by ODing on pills last December, then again nine days later by attempting to jump off a building.

According to the report, Saldanha spent several days in an intensive care unit to recover, underwent psychiatric treatment and got scripts for a slew of antidepressants.

It changes the complexion of the now-infamous DJ prank involving a pregnant and hospitalized Kate Middleton. Being the straw that broke the camel's back is way different than what everyone first thought after the nurse hanged herself.


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How can someone have a ”history of suicide” TMZ????

637 days ago


Hate to say i told you so!! but many of us already knew this woman was a MENTAL case just ready to check out , She just happen to find a more opportune time to do so- knowing she will get painted as a VICTIM than a selfish coward, Many of us knew this but leave it to some who think she was (NORMAL) .. and this was ALL on the Dj's.

HELLO!! no one goes around KILLING themselves because they were TRICK into transferring a phone call.

637 days ago


Jumping to conclusion, as usual!! This woman had problems, BIG problems. It's mind-boggling to me that this fact did not come out with all our sophisticated 'digging' electronic tools. The djs should get their jobs back. Leave the radio station ON, and let the blame be placed on her family and employer.

637 days ago


OK I have read all the BS I can take. How can you blame some stupid DJs for this womens suicide. She wanted to die and this was just an excuse to do it. WTF is wrong with people today????? We just have to blame someone for accidents and yes mental illness that leads to suicide. SHE WAS SUICIDAL..... Any excuse she found would be good enough for her. Now I hear they are trying to press charges. REALLY!!!! This is whats wrong with countries today. We will spend millions to investigate who is screwing who, can we procecute some nobody djs for some suicide and we have people homeless, people who cant afford healthcare, fing idiots that have access to guns and can kill 26 children

637 days ago


Case closed...Now let's apologize to the Aussie DJ's and get them back on the mic/

637 days ago


While I feel sympathy for the family she left behind, I feel even more sympathy for the DJs who have been cast to the lions because this woman was selfish and unstable. The only person responsible for Jacintha Saldahna's death is Jacintha Saldahna. THAT'S the bottom line.

637 days ago


I love the psycho working to heal other psychos

637 days ago


This comes out as soon as her suicide notes blames hospital admins. UK ppl are quick to blame DJs but never their own. I firmly believe hospital higher ups and royals are to be blame as well. All this so called past history of suicide attempts can be made up, hell in Malaysia opposition political aide was beaten and thrown out of government building 1 day before his marriage and they claim suicide and even came out with fake suicide notes. Anything can be fabricated.

637 days ago


I don't understand why our country likes to blame suicide on bullies, prank callers's ridiculous. Maybe schools need to teach more classes on mental illness because our whole country seems clueless.

637 days ago


Remember the guy that filmed his gay roommate with another guy? His roommate killed himself. Jokes are fine and usually pretty harmless, but you don't know what can happen. I don't know if they should be punished but I think the roommate that did the video was. (not 100% sure of that)
I would hope that if anything comes of this, people would try to learn about mental illness. Calling her names for what happened is like saying a man who drops dead with a heart attack just did it because he was a selfish, sick f***. This discussion saddens me and is an insult to the millions of people who suffer from mental illness. You guys take care.

637 days ago


When you prank a stranger you have no knowledge of their medical condition or what may have happened to them in past. Someone who has suicidal thoughts may find a stranger deliberately pranking them and then making it public very distressing.

637 days ago


These events were at before the prank.. She was trying to kill her self and she was the nurse of Kate hahaha background check before you stuck some crazy lady with the future queen.. If she tried killing her self before this whole prank watch out now.. If she tried taking her own life what makes you think she couldn't take the life of someone else OD'ing them or making them jump off a building look at it both ways not just one way don't be naive people SCARY ****!! But poor situation on this while suicide situation I must say..

637 days ago


many many MANY posters had prebiously pointed out this was not the act of a sane person so it is really no surprise, as well I don't feel it changes the complexion at all, it was and still is a badly done prank that lucked out and worked and Jacintha is still the only one responsible for her death

637 days ago


It was blatantly obvious this woman had severe mental issues, but it's a bigger story to point the finger at 2 innocent DJs, who had no way of knowing. That's the media for you. It's no different than blaming video games for what happened in CT. Open your eyes, world! Stop pointing your fingers and tackle the REAL issues.

637 days ago


I knew she had mental problems was just waiting for this to come out. No sane person with a husband and two kids would kill themselves over a prank call. The call could have pushed her over the edge for sure but she clearly had mental problems prior.

637 days ago
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