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Kate Middleton Hospital Prank

Nurse Who Killed Herself

History of Suicide

12/23/2012 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Jacintha Saldanha
-- the London nurse who killed herself after answering a prank call from two Aussie DJs -- reportedly had a HISTORY of failed suicide attempts.

Saldanha tried to take her own life TWICE in the last year alone, according to The Daily Mail ... first by ODing on pills last December, then again nine days later by attempting to jump off a building.

According to the report, Saldanha spent several days in an intensive care unit to recover, underwent psychiatric treatment and got scripts for a slew of antidepressants.

It changes the complexion of the now-infamous DJ prank involving a pregnant and hospitalized Kate Middleton. Being the straw that broke the camel's back is way different than what everyone first thought after the nurse hanged herself.


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ANYBODY who thought these DJ s were responsible for her death need to have a CAT scan and a reality check. I feel horrible for the pain that has been inflicted on to those poor people.

616 days ago


I can't see a person with this type of psychological problem working,al. What if she had a breakdown with staff, patients, and visitors.? This would have been a blemish on the reputation of the Hospital. Seems weird a woman that tried to commit suicide 2x in a year, is working at a Hospital

616 days ago


Actually the only thing it changes is hoping it makes people more aware before they prank someone they don't know. Obviously the DJ's didn't know this womans history but they pushed someone they didn't know over the edge. What is this had happened to someone in the USA and that edge included going on a mass killing. Think before you do stuff like this or bully someone.

616 days ago


That's the problem with prank calls. You never know who you're going to get on the other end. There are so many fragile people in our world. Is really worth the risk for a couple of laughs?

616 days ago


She was "suicided" plain and simple. It was to send a message to not mess in the private lives of the royals. QEII is worth over 33 trillion dollars and is more than a figurehead. Princess Di was murdered. Her driver was not drunk his blood sample was switched with that if a suicide victim -- lethal levels of CO, .30 blood alcohol, please!

616 days ago


I've been saying this since day one. Anyone that thinks an otherwise stable, non-depressed person would kill themselves over something like this (especially when she was basically anonymous) is an idiot.

616 days ago


How in the heyell did a woman with that type of psychiatric past still be employed at a hospital? Heck, a health care institution can be stressful for a psychologically healthy person. This makes no sense.

616 days ago


The woman who answered the phone in the room was the one who was in the most embarrasing situation, NOT this woman who just answered the phone and put the call thru. The woman in the room did not run off and kill herself. It sould like the woman who commited sucide was pretty determined to kill herself in the past, to bad no one could reach or help her.

616 days ago


Why would a person with this background be working with patients in a hospital? I certainly would like to understand...WHY?

616 days ago


The family should have to give back the money. This woman was already on a suicide mission.

616 days ago


All the closet and fantasy psychiatrists will be on here explaining the situation for us common folk who do not post what we do not know or have any prior knowledge of.

616 days ago


First, what report stated this? A public police report or confidential medical records you've uncovered? Second, the title of the article is ridiculous. You don't have a "history of suicide "....She had a history of suicidal behavior. Now with that said, why on earth was someone so mentally unstable allowed to continue working in a hospital? She obviously has mental issues if she'd kill herself over this, we didn't need her medical history to tell us that.

616 days ago


So y did this hospital Continue to let her work there knowing her mental state?

616 days ago


she was MURDERED by the royals......

616 days ago


Anyone remember that, when this story was first 'reported'; that a good portion of you retards honestly thought the dj's were to blame ? (it's truly a godamn shame that 12/21 couldn't deliver).

616 days ago
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