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Kate Middleton Hospital Prank

Nurse Who Killed Herself

History of Suicide

12/23/2012 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Jacintha Saldanha
-- the London nurse who killed herself after answering a prank call from two Aussie DJs -- reportedly had a HISTORY of failed suicide attempts.

Saldanha tried to take her own life TWICE in the last year alone, according to The Daily Mail ... first by ODing on pills last December, then again nine days later by attempting to jump off a building.

According to the report, Saldanha spent several days in an intensive care unit to recover, underwent psychiatric treatment and got scripts for a slew of antidepressants.

It changes the complexion of the now-infamous DJ prank involving a pregnant and hospitalized Kate Middleton. Being the straw that broke the camel's back is way different than what everyone first thought after the nurse hanged herself.


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I'm surprised that she was still allowed to be a nurse.

637 days ago


Why is this only coming out now? This would been common knowledge in the hospital that she worked and the media didn't report it until they had thoroughly crucified the Australian DJs. Sure they are certified nitwits for the pulling that prank but if she had a history of suicide then this changes everything.

637 days ago


History of Suicide? huh? 12 yr olds working again...

637 days ago


Joke was funny and the accents were lousy.. Maybe she was so douched up with pills she didn't realize they were clowning her.. Well she failed two times earlier this time a success..

637 days ago

Anthony Broomell    

I,m sorry about the nurse,s death

637 days ago


Duh...why is this even shocking you knew something wasn't right to end your life over a prank knowing you have children and a family that lives and needs you...the prank itself wasn't even funny or that deep to resort to such drastic actions...those djs were unfairly judged for doing what damn near all radio stations do, it could've happened to any radio station

637 days ago


Would it be wrong for the radio station to get that $50000 back? They essentially gave away 50K to a family for the mother (nurse who played a 2 second part in the prank) being suicidal. The pathetic part is that the family knew very well that the mother would have attempted suicide with or without that prank call occuring, and accepted the money anyway. I cant. "Your mother committed suicide? Oh, let's reward you." I mean, come on. A line has to be drawn somewhere. And how was someone that was mentally unstable allowed to work as a NURSE. I've said this from the beginning, the hospital needs to hold some accountablility for this incident, whether it be for the lack of protocol or for overlooking her mental stability. I've also noticed that the British media is basically placing the blame on everyone BUT the hospital.

637 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

WTF was she still doing in nursing?!

637 days ago


WTF? Was she a cat? How do you have a history of suicides? Might wanna think about changing the headline to "history of suicide attempts"....

637 days ago


oh, what a surprise. was her family anxious for this information to be revealed? she was just looking for another opportunity to succeed at what she had failed at twice before. some people just do NOT want to continue living. period. why was someone so unstable working at a hospital?

637 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Nothing says classy like pulling a public humiliation prank on a suicidal woman. Well played 2Day-FM!

637 days ago

Lexi Lou    

She looks Just like Ray William Johnson. Now I know for sure that he is half indian

637 days ago

dipam shah    

COOLMAMA1994 what the **** is wrong with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. are you insaned? Give the money back? Why doenst the radio station give the family her life back. Do you have any idea what the pain is of loosing a loved one. The fact is she died cause the played the joke and they should pay. If your driving a car and you hit a person by accident and they die you pay the punishment. Same situation

637 days ago


I just want to point out something: I realize this happened in the UK, but the stigma is worldwide. I'm not supportive of her actions, but look at the incredible amount of doucher comments that are being left here in regards to mental health. A lot of people forego personal help because they're afraid to be judged and I can't say I blame them. I don't think the DJs called the hospital with any intention of causing harm, but there is the rule of unintended consequences.

637 days ago


Just a heads up TMZ. You CANNOT have a "history of suicide". ATTEMPTS,....YES!! Actual SUICIDE, NO!! Suicide is a one-time deal. No do overs, no retrys. One and DONE!

637 days ago
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