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Spike Lee


Movie Is 'Disrespectful to My Ancestors'

12/24/2012 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Spike Lee says he REFUSES to see Quentin Tarantino's new flick, "Django Unchained" when it opens tomorrow ... claiming the slavery-revenge movie is "disrespectful to my ancestors."

Lee first went off on "Django" during an interview with Vibe Magazine ... when he was asked for his thoughts on the subject matter and gave the following response:

"I can't speak on it 'cause I'm not gonna see it ... All I'm going to say is that it's disrespectful to my ancestors. That's just me ... I'm not speaking on behalf of anybody else."

He later tweeted about the movie -- "American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western.It Was A Holocaust.My Ancestors Are Slaves.Stolen From Africa.I Will Honor Them."

"Django" -- which stars Jamie Foxx as a slave who kills slave-owners in the Deep South -- has been drenched in controversy for weeks ... with some critics upset that the n-word is uttered more than 110 times during the movie.
Back in 1997,Lee told the media he had problem with Tarantino's "excessive use of the n-word" in the movie "Jackie Brown." Lee explained, "Let the record state that I never said that he cannot use that word -- I’ve used that word in many of my films -- but I think something is wrong with him."


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Buck Runner     

You know what's hilarious. It's how Tarantino has gotten whites who hate blacks to support a "kill whitey" movie. LOL

"morans". You idiots are brilliant.

634 days ago

Buck Runner     

This country is a diverse

black/brown country. The Mexicans don't wanna fight with blacks or Asians or Native Americans or Muslims, but white

people do. By my calculations, you guys are the only ones who need to pack anything and leave. All of the other races

stood unified on election day, you guys were the odd ones out.

634 days ago

Buck Runner     

Now, say something else f**ked up about black people you racist troll jackasses. I can do this for months.

634 days ago

Buck Runner     

Candice , change the channel from TMZ, MTV and E TV to MSNBC or CNN or SIRIUSXM talk radio 127 or CSPAN or BBC or Al Jazzeera or Rueters or Current TV. Stop making DUMBassed statements like racism is gone since we have a black President. We had black US Senators during reconstruction, how did that work out for no racism since they had a black senator? Educate yourself and stop sounding dumb.

634 days ago


If Spike really cared about "his people" then maybe he should worry about how more black people can sing along to the newest Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Usher, Chris Brown, ect... but have never read The Souls Of Black Folks by W.E.B DeBois or The Mis-Education Of The Negro by Malcolm X. I guess its just much easier to ride the racist train than to get off that train and help your people to be better.

634 days ago


Spike is trying to make a comment from a historical standpoint, but he doesn't have all his facts in order. Before slavery "began", Western Africans had been capturing and selling slaves to the Portuguese for at least one generation. So his ancestors not only were slaves, but also sellers of!

634 days ago


NO Mr. Lee, Black people murdering their own people with guns and drugs is an insult to yours ancestors.

634 days ago


I agree with Spike Lee 100% it is an insult to African Americans,Hollywood loves to see movies like this after all this is the same Americans who Glamorized
Birth Of A Nation that resulted in 2/3....2/3 of African
Americans living during that area where murdered by racist white we as african Americans want to support a movie that Shows a white man owning slaves?So the next time you say
its just a movie,tell that to the thousands of Black
people who where murdered over a movie Birth of a nation..We dont need to see movies about white people owning what it was not good then and its not good now..Someone
should do a movie about Africans coming to America kidnapping white people,taking them to Africa at the bottom of a ship in chains,with no medical attention,and making there mothers,and fathers,and sisters,and brothers,slaves to us...Lets see if Hollywood would produce that movie?

634 days ago

DJ Swann

633 days ago


He needs to get his old ass and sit down some where!!!! No life having mf!!

633 days ago

madina reaume    

this comes from a guy in my opinion who hasn't had a hit movie in years and made a movie about Malcolm who i think is racist towards white people its been over a 100 years since slavery he says his people were taken i'm sorry there own people sold them to be slaves i think slavery is Americas greatest sin but i'm tired of there own pity party my grandmother was a German Jew in world war 2 she never bitched about the way her all of them were treated. this is how slavery was back then if you gonna make a film about it be accurate without worrying your gonna offend some black director who has there head up there ass.

633 days ago

Buck Runner     

madina reaume Jews are offended even if you called them "Jew" in the wrong context. So, being a Jew yourself, stop telling Spike or any other non white black, brown, Muslim, Native American, Asian to stop their "pity party" when they express a reaction to being insulted racially, religiously or culturally.

633 days ago

mr gutz    

doubt any slaves are amongst us so relax its a movie with its own views nobody bashing films that claim black people invented everything which is false how can a slave invent stuff when they work on farms picking things so let it go cause the more u act offended the more weak and dumb u look

633 days ago

truth be told    

@GONE JAH TOKES There are a lot of ignorant people in this world. The true humans are from Africa. Due to a genetic defect called albinism, the migration of other tribes, and intermixing with neanderthals (non humans) the white man evolved. Two whites can't make a black baby but two blacks can make a white baby, with blond hair, and blue eyes. Not all Africans had wide noses, big lips, big butts etc. That is a stereotype. You can call blacks monkeys all day but know that you are a monkey too! You need to embrace the fact that you are either a true human (African Defect) or a non human (Neanderthal). Research the reason why white rats are used in cancer research. I'll tell you, because they have the same makeup as neanderthals or the white man. And if you are not white your roots will still take you back to Africa.

633 days ago

truth be told    

And Spike, do you get just as upset with Blacks who use the "N" word on each other. A word initially created by Whites to refer to Blacks in a defamatory manor. I hope you do because if you don't I would find you to be hypocritical due to the origination of the word.

633 days ago
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