TMZ Live Jessica Simpson Pregnant Weight Watchers On Board

12/26/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Jessica Simpson Pregnant -- Weight Watchers Still On Board

TMZ Live

Jessica Simpson's knocked up again, and Weight Watchers is totally cool with it -- even though they're paying her $4 million to LOSE weight! We think it's all part of a bigger, smarter business plan ... and it's actually brilliant.

Plus, Chris Brown and Rihanna threw a court side coming out party at the Knicks-Lakers game -- but was their touchy-feely display all for show?

And Lindsay Lohan is pissed at the "Scary Movie 5" producers for re-editing one of her scenes. Harv thinks she has a point, but Charles thinks the new scene is "more funnier." We'll explain.

0:00 - As suspected, Jessica Simpson is pregnant again! How will this affect her status as Weight Watchers' poster girl?
5:54 - Amid swirling divorce rumors, Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner SEPARATE... while courtside at a Clipper game.
9:42 - A wealth of details emerge in Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's divorce.
13:49 - Chris Brown and Rihanna take in a Laker game together... and no matter what the haters say, are very much together.
17:38 - Lindsay Lohan gets blindsided by 'Scary Movie 5' producers... but is the joke even funny?
21:14 - We take a drive down memory lane with the late Michael Jackson's driver's license photo-- and what a telling image it was.
23:38 - President Obama opens up to Barbara Walters on how he and Michelle keep the fire burning in the White House.
27:29 - 'Twilight' star Bronson Pelletier denies ever being escorted off a plane in infamous fashion, but we've got video strongly suggesting otherwise.
30:21 - Madonna is up to her old antics again on tour, this time poking fun at her self-imposed "smoking ban."
32:52 - Harvey & Charles break down two divorces involving big names and even bigger bucks.
37:53 - We take your comments and calls!