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12/31/2012 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, Rihanna ... they've all got their issues -- so we gave TMZ Live viewers a chance to put 'em on the shrink's couch, and straighten out their fave celeb for 2013!

Of course, Harv and Charles have a few psycho(analysis) tips of their own to add.

TMZ Live -- where anyone can be Dr. Phil for a day!

(0:00) Lindsay Lohan has had yet another rough year -- so is there anything that could help her out? We get some pretty interesting solutions -- from church ... to a bun in the oven.
(6:00) Kim Kardashian lost popularity since dating Kanyay West ... and started talking politics. One viewer thinks she should just do what she's good at ... another sex tape.
(10:00) Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together -- and we can't figure out who's more screwed up. (15:00) Halle Berry has the worst man problems of anyone ... is it time for her to play for the other team?
(18:00) The Honey Boo Boo family -- are they raising a bunch of mosters ... or doing
(21:00) Demi Moore isn't acting her age -- much younger. Is it time for her to act "age appropriate."
(24:00) Justin Bieber -- someone might need a dose of humility ... and a few lessons on how to be frugal.
(29:00) Amanda Bynes' problems snowballed this year ... we have a few ideas on how she can get back on the right track ... and it starts with her parents.
(32:00) Charlie Sheen lives his life on his terms -- is there anything anyone could say to him that would make him change? Harvey doesn't think so.
(36:10) Mel Gibson may not need any advice this time around -- it looks like he's turning it around on his own.
(38:00) The floor is yours!

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Jay W.     

Just keep doing what your doing!

636 days ago


You just put this up and you want me to call you 2 hours ago? What are you...high?!

636 days ago


Lindsay doesn't care, Harvey. And no, you don't need to send her to religion.

636 days ago


Lindsay: Quietly take some acting classes. "Liz and Dick?" yikes.
Charlie: Stay out of the public eye as much as possible. But be 'seen' visiting sick people in a hospital (but not your ex-wife, of course).
Justin: Grow up. Lose the stupid hair cut.
Honey Boo Boo: Save your money!

636 days ago


What kind of spirituality, Harvey? Judaism? Maybe Scientology? Get a grip, Harvey!

636 days ago


Raquel! STFU!

636 days ago


Re:Lohan,i agree with Harvey,having a baby won't solve the problems, i will feel sorry for the child

636 days ago


Not into it today. I'm outta here...

636 days ago


Breaking news! Janet Jackson is getting married to her billionaire boyfriend

636 days ago

Flying Blind    

is this for the same people who play charades, i'm out ....

636 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Honey BooBoo needs to get over herself. She's a fat, obnoxious kid with a fat, obnoxious family. I HATE the way she shakes her hips on those annoying commercials for the dumb show. I swear, any network put put the "Paint Drying Hour" on and someone would watch it.

636 days ago


I sat the fcuk around, I waited for you guys to put up a TMZ LIVe. You are going to tell me you actually put one up today? FCUK YOU HARVEY, FCUK YOU TMZ, FCUK YOU MOD"S why don't you warn the rest of us?

631 days ago


I think the common thread you will find throughout all these stories is that these are people who have not been grounded in thier lives. The get caught up in the expectations of all the not so nice parts of being a celebrity, and have allowed themselves to be led and consumed by others looking to benefit by their unfortunate choices.

630 days ago


who really cares, why don't you add a third option to who'd you rather, like I wouldn't do it with a snake's wang, some of these do not rate a comment. a good dump would be more entertaining. Hell Charlie is more entertaining than these two

630 days ago

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