TMZ Live Analyze Them! aka Fix-a-Celeb

12/31/2012 12:15 PM PST

TMZ Live: Analyze THEM! ... aka Fix-a-Celeb

TMZ Live

Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, Rihanna ... they've all got their issues -- so we gave TMZ Live viewers a chance to put 'em on the shrink's couch, and straighten out their fave celeb for 2013!

Of course, Harv and Charles have a few psycho(analysis) tips of their own to add.

TMZ Live -- where anyone can be Dr. Phil for a day!
(0:00) Lindsay Lohan has had yet another rough year -- so is there anything that could help her out? We get some pretty interesting solutions -- from church ... to a bun in the oven.
(6:00) Kim Kardashian lost popularity since dating Kanyay West ... and started talking politics. One viewer thinks she should just do what she's good at ... another sex tape.
(10:00) Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together -- and we can't figure out who's more screwed up. (15:00) Halle Berry has the worst man problems of anyone ... is it time for her to play for the other team?
(18:00) The Honey Boo Boo family -- are they raising a bunch of mosters ... or doing
(21:00) Demi Moore isn't acting her age -- much younger. Is it time for her to act "age appropriate."
(24:00) Justin Bieber -- someone might need a dose of humility ... and a few lessons on how to be frugal.
(29:00) Amanda Bynes' problems snowballed this year ... we have a few ideas on how she can get back on the right track ... and it starts with her parents.
(32:00) Charlie Sheen lives his life on his terms -- is there anything anyone could say to him that would make him change? Harvey doesn't think so.
(36:10) Mel Gibson may not need any advice this time around -- it looks like he's turning it around on his own.
(38:00) The floor is yours!