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Adam Lanza

Mutant DNA Might Explain

Sandy Hook Massacre

12/27/2012 2:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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What drove Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza to murder 26 people in cold blood? The answer could lie in his DNA ... and now, geneticists are trying to uncover the microscopic mystery.

The study will take place at the University of Connecticut, where a team of geneticists is reportedly set to examine Lanza's DNA. The team is expected to investigate whether a special mutation is responsible for setting off the troubled 20-year-old on December 14.

UConn's department of genetics is working hand-in-hand with CT's Chief Medical Examiner during the study -- though a rep for the medical examiner's office admits ... they're not really sure what they're looking for.

Results are expected to take several weeks.


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Why is it that when a white person kills, its always a mental problem. If it was a African American or Hispanic, we wouldnt hear the last of it.

673 days ago


F* him

673 days ago


Honestly because when a black person kills it's usually a single person and in 90% of the cases motive is evident.....white people seem to like to go on a rampage and then 75% of the time murder themselves so your always left wondering why....

673 days ago


Ummmmmmm he always had those crazy eyes

673 days ago


No excuses for him. He was just evil.

673 days ago


What a waste of time, energy and funding. If he was a minority, this wouldn't even be considered.

673 days ago


what's the point of finding a DNA link to this? No way bible thumping right wings would allow any manipulation of such to even prevent such.

673 days ago


Anything to detract from the issue at hand....psychiatric medications deadly side effects. He didn't have mutant dna....he had psychiatric medications that have aggression and homicidal tendencies as a side effect. FANAPT, check the side effects out for yourself.

673 days ago


The DC snipers were Black and they tried insanity also.

673 days ago


You can tell just by the physical appearance of this guy that something was not " right". I think that those guns got in the wrong hands. Not sure just what was wrong with him and I think that the loved ones of the victims would want to know. It wouldn't change a thing of course but would at the very least put some kind of reason behind it.

673 days ago


What is it in the eyes with these ppl.? Almost all these kinds of "killers" have those big round, bug type eyes. They seem to always have their eyes so wide you can see the whole round eyeball. It's like they are forcing the eyes to be opened wider, but it's natural and not forced. That movie theatre killer has them too.

673 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

There is already a known gene- the warrior gene (MAOA). But that gene can help or hurt a person with the mutation. In other words, the person's childhood plays a role in how the gene exhibits. If you had done your research, you would know that leading geneticists are debating the usefulness of genetic testing on Lanza and the general consensus is that it takes more than a mutation to spur a killer. Genetics alone will not explain what happened at Sandy Hook. That's a simplistic and dangerous view.

673 days ago


I think it’s incredibly important to do as much testing as possible on anyone murderer, especially mass murderers and serial killers of helpless children.

Please DO go ahead and test the DNA, dissect the brain, look for any physiological and psychological disease, test for personality disorders, if possible (or have a close family member take the tests based on what they knew about the killer), question friends, classmates, teachers, neighbors, family… anyone who knew him. Get a complete medical and mental health history and anything else that could help explain the insane, evil behavior.

The more we know about the mind and body of people like this, the better. The FBI is one example of an agency that uses profiling to find serial killers or predict their next victim. Science is ever changing, and has become a great help in catching and understanding criminals.

Knowledge and education is power. If more of us knew what the red flags were, perhaps this type of situation could be prevented in the future? In this case, it appears the mother knew something was terribly wrong, but it was too late. This investigation will take time, and at the very least, it will give the victim’s families some answers and closure.

673 days ago

Truth is    

Stop it already...this guy was used as a scapegoat!!!

673 days ago


TMZ, please take down the photo - it is in very poor taste.

673 days ago
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